Jake: The BandMature

I stood staring at the house. It was quite nice and this area was expensive close to the beach and town. I sighed and walked in. My shopping had gone well. Right now I was wearing a t-shirt with a pain of black trousers with a black studed belt hanging slightly low on my hips.

I knocked on the door it being answered by the guy I had met earlier. "Aw, dude you came come on in. I'm Ollie by the way" He says almost pulling me in then shoving me by a hand on the back.

"Uh, Jake" I mutter looking to the right into a living room where there was two sofa's and a band set up. A guy was sat behind the drums seemed to have stopped. I mean I'd heard it outside. Another guy was holding an electric guitar and was sat down with it in his lap. He looked me up and down and smiled.

"Guys this is Jake. Jake, thats El" He says gesturing the guy with the guitar. "And thats Max" Of course the guy behind the drums.

"Nice to meet you all" I say simply.

"Come sit, dude" El says patting the seat next to him. "We arent bothering tonight actually so we'll just get to know you" He smiles and I see a knowing look go between Ollie and Max. I shrug and go sit next to El. I feel his arm slip round my waist and immediatly know why Ollie and Max has shared a knowing look. I flicked my eyes to El and smirked and he just smiled back.


El shoves me against the door, which I suspected led to the bedroom. He forced his lips down on mine palming me through my jeans. I moaned and grabbed his hips angrily. He opened the door and I almost fell back but El yanked me back to him. He kicked the door closed behind us.

Then he pushed me causing me to fall back onto a bed my legs just hanging off the end. Then he was on me pushing his hips into mine causing me to moan more. He unbuckled my belt and jeans yanking them off then did his own. He didnt bother with my shirt but began leaving several hickeys on my neck. I groaned when he moved away but soon realised why as he went down on me, teasing my boxers off with his teeth. He held my hips down which was worst. He came back up slipping his own of and rolled over pulling me on top. "Fuck me" He whispered. I obeyed even though I know I sucked.

The End

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