Cayden: Wait And SeeMature

I’d wandered down to the beach to go sunbathing again and generally just hang out without having to worry about anything when I spotted none other than Jake, sat on that wall again with his guitar. That’s not stalkerish at all.

“Are you stalking me?” I asked him, only half serious.

Jake smiled. “No I am not. Even though you are quite gorgeous”

“Flattery’ll get you nowhere, bro”

"Well I tried" he shrugged and went back to playing his guitar. He stopped after a while and packed his guitar away. "In fact I should go shopping. I have to meet for a band tryout and I think you might like my new style" he winked.

"Oh yeah? Well, we'll see about that" I smirked. "Good luck with the band thing as well"

"Thanks... can I have a good luck kiss?"

I chuckled. "Cheeky bastard" I said and pecked him on the lips.

"Hmm and that I am" he said, bowing a little before turning round and walking off. "I've had better good luck kisses, mate"

"You're lucky you even got that" I called after him, laughing.

"Luck has nothing to do with it”

He walked off with a wave and I shook my head, stepping onto the warm sand. You know what? Fuck it, I’m going surfing.


I all but exhausted myself surfing but still sprinted back to Ava’s to put on my best shirt and make my hair look that little bit sexier before heading back out. I went to a pretty classy looking bar at first but it was literally homophobe central in there so I got the fuck out of there. I was just wandering around, trying to find a decent place when a door flung open and shouting came from inside. Yep, it was definitely a bar fight or something.

“Get your fucking hands off me!” a woman shouted.

She stumbled out of the bar after a shove from the doorman. “Get lost”

“No! What the fuck did I do wrong?”

“You’ve been going around begging for drinks. Get. Lost”

She gave him the finger before turning around and sort of walking into me. “Oh, sorry, mate. Hey, you’re cute. Buy me a drink? Thanks, doll” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me off towards another bar. Guess I’m paying then.


“So, cute stuff, name?” she asked once she had a beer in her hand.


“Don’t you wanna know mine? That’s kinda rude, y’know?”

“Fine, what’s your name”

She giggled. “Much better. And why should I tell you my name?”

I arched an eyebrow at her. Didn’t she just have a go at me for not asking her name? I watched her take a swig of her beer before giving me an answer.
“The name’s Taylor” she smiled.

She swallowed the rest of her beer and winked at me before disappearing into the crowd on the dance floor. The second she winked, something stirred in me. Great, so now I’m getting turned on my girls. I finished up my drink and went to the bathroom, jerking off quickly and heading back out for another drink. Which was when Taylor appeared again.

“When a girl heads for the dance floor, you’re kind of s’posed to follow her” she said, looking a little unimpressed.

“Listen, lady, you’re nice and all but I’m gay”

“So am I”

“So go hit on a chick or something” I’m not in the mood for women being generally around me right now.

“But then I’d be being straight” What?

My confusion must’ve been written on my face and she laughed. “Just wait and see, cutie”

The End

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