Hadley: Don't Leave MeMature

I stared at the knife in his hand. From what I could vaguely remember, there was no doubt this guy was more than capable of using that knife on me.

“You don’t have to do this” I said, sounding as pathetic as I felt.

“You’re right, I don’t” he said but didn’t put the knife down.

“Please, I just want to go home”

I barely had time to react before he lunged at me. The cold metal slipped into my abdomen with ease and I froze. He pulled the knife out and I sank to my knees, feeling the first of the blood start to flow from the puncture. I sank to my knees, pressing a hand to the stab wound and trying to slow the bleeding by putting pressure on it. My knees gave out not long after and I rolled onto my back, keeping my hand on the wound. Maxxie, please get here fast.


I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling and hoping Maxxie would show up soon. No matter where I pressed down on my wound, the blood seemed to flow through my fingers at pretty much the same pace. I heard someone knocking on the front door but I don’t think either me or Mark were in a state to answer. It sounded like someone was trying to kick the door open. All of a sudden, Maxxie knelt beside me.

"Hadley?" he asked, sounding worried.

I pressed my hand down a little more, trying to stop the bleeding which was getting quite heavy. Maxxie saw it and went off, coming back quickly with a phone and dialling 911.

"Maxxie?" I asked. I wasn’t really aware of what was going on and I wasn’t even sure if he was really there.

He sat with me while he was on the phone. "I'm here gorgeous" 

I turned my head to look at him and he held the phone against his ear with his shoulder so his good hand could play with my hair. His hand was shaking.

"Don't worry, Maxxie, everything's gonna be just fine" I said albeit a little weakly.

"Isn't it s'posed to be me saying that to you?" he said with a tiny smile. Someone threw a towel at him, Alex I think, and he pressed the towel. He dropped the phone accidentally when I winced as was too busy trying to be gentle to pick it back up.

"Where's my ring?" I asked, wanting the gold band back on my finger.

"At home. I'll get it as soon as someone arrives to help, 'kay?"

I smiled a little, even though I wanted it back then and there.

"I love you"

"Love you too" I said, starting to feel tired. Not tired, exhausted.

I heard shouting come from another room and guessed Alex had found Mark. I was so tired. It wouldn’t be so bad if I just took a little nap while we’re waiting for an ambulance, would it? I shut my eyes a little bit and Maxxie kissed my forehead.

“Don’t go to sleep, Bunny”

“But I’m tired”

“I know, gorgeous, but you have to stay awake”

I opened my eyes again, not wanting to let Maxxie down. “Where’s Mark?”

“I think Alex found him”

“He’s gonna get hurt” I said, ‘he’ being Alex. Caleb would never forgive me if anything happened to Alex because of me.

“He’s handled worse”

I just sort of mumbled it again and he kisses my forehead again.

“If he gets hurt, we can all hobble around together, complaining loudly” he said, kind of smiling.

I kind of smiled back and shut my eyes a tiny bit again. One little nap wouldn’t kill me.

“C’mon, Bunny, don’t go to sleep on me”

“I’m so tired” I mumbled.

“I know. The ambulance will be here soon, though”

I tried to open my eyes but just didn’t have the energy and I felt Maxxie push down harder with the towel.

“C’mon, Hadley” he whispered. I could pretty much hear his tears in his voice.

“Don’t cry, Maxxie”

“Don’t go to sleep and I won’t cry. How’s that?”

I chuckled and tried to open my eyes again. And failed.

“Bit more, Bunny boy, or I’m gonna turn into a blubbering wreck”

I just about managed to wrench my eyes open. “No crying”

He nodded. “No sleeping”

I felt like I was about to fall asleep and no amount of kisses on my forehead would convince me to wake up. “I’ll try”

Where was this ambulance? Would they try and take me away from Maxxie when they turned up? Don’t they only let family members in the ambulance with you? I mean, sure Maxxie’s pretty much family but they wouldn’t know that.

“Don’t go anywhere, Maxxie” I said quietly.

“I’m not going anywhere, Bunny” he said and I smiled. “You’d have quite a fight on your hands if you tried to move me away. I’m not moving for anything”

I tried to lean up to kiss him and regretted it instantly. The pain in my stomach was like getting stabbed all over again. I held back a wince and saw the horrified look on Maxxie’s face. He leant down to kiss me instead and I hummed a little, fighting the urge to try and cuddle up to him and just go to sleep. He slipped his arm out of his sling and pushed back my hair, stroking my cheek. His hand was warm. Really warm. But then again, maybe I was just really cold. I could hear the ambulance sirens outside but I was so exhausted.

"Just a bit longer, Bunny"

"I'm trying" I said sleepily.

"I know, gorgeous. You're doing really well, but you can't go to sleep just yet"

I tried my hardest and just about managed to stay awake til the paramedics came in. They started poking and prodding at me and I’m pretty sure they gave me an injection of something. I glanced around and couldn’t see Maxxie anywhere.

 "Where's Maxie?" I mumbled but the medics sort of ignored me, more focused on where I got stabbed.

"I'm still here, Hadley" he said but I wanted to be able to see him.

I kept asking where he was til we were in the ambulance and I could see him again. He held onto my hand tightly and I gripped back as hard as I could.

"Don't leave me" I mumbled.

"I'm not gonna leave you"

I smiled and shut my eyes, feeling slightly less tired than before.

"No sleeping, Hadley"

"M'not sleeping"

"I'll cry again if you go to sleep"

"M'not sleeping" I said but the tiredness in my voice probably made him think otherwise.

He squeezed my hand slightly and I opened an eye. He smiled a little and I smiled back weakly.

“Love you” he said.

“Love you too”

Maxxie looked like he was going to cry. Even in my exhausted state I felt guilty and upset. It was because of me that he was crying. If I’d left my ring on, maybe Mark wouldn’t have come over to me. If I hadn’t gone out I wouldn’t have even met him.

"Dun cry, beautiful"

He sniffled. "I'm trying not to"

I gave him another weak smile and squeezed his hand as much as I could. He kissed me and I kissed back. He was quiet after that save for the odd sniffle every now and then as he tried not to cry. He held onto my hand a little too tightly but I didn’t mind. It was sort of helping me stay awake. I shut my eyes again, squeezing his hand every now and then to let him know I wasn’t falling asleep and before I knew it, we were at the hospital.

The End

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