Jake: Sitting on a wallMature

I swing my guitar case as I walk. I should be trying to find a job but it's just to much to bother with at the moment. I walk to where I sat yesterday on the wall lying the guitar case next to me. I open it and pull the guitar out beinging to play my own piece. Its a soft melody something I was thinking of using for the first dance if me and Annie had got married. Slowly I begin to sing softly.

"Looking through an palace window,

Thinking that it will not open,

Cause the beauty that stands behind this window,

Is too beautiful for just one man...."

It continues from that to a much more faster rythm and a different set of lyrics which stop at the middle chorus which I had not been able to finish. "Excuse me?" I cut of short of a set of notes and turn my head to see a rock looking guy standing watching me. "Did you write that?"

"Yeah" I say. The guys face breaks out in a smile and I wonder whats so amazing about it. I mean its an adverage song at best.

"Hey, dude. Fancy joining a band with me and my mates. We lost our bass guitarist and singer, he also wrote the lyrics. It will bring in the cash" The guy says.

"Sounds interesting" I say simply.

"Yeah, it deffinetly that. Here" He pulls out a leaflet from his pocket and hands it over. "Thats got our studio details on it. We have a practice tonight if you fancy going or tommorow morning. Now I better go. See ya dude" He walks off and has a proud kick to his step.

I sigh and put the leaflet in my pocket. I should really consider that. I begin to play again but once again my tune is interupted by a voice. "Are you stalking me?" I turn my head to look at Cayden.

The End

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