May: Cold weatherMature

I hate the rain yet somehow enjoy. In America most places I lived were quite sunny most of the time. This weather was the opposite. It allowed me to buy those big fluffy puffy coats I'd always seen and wanted. And thats how Aisling now was wearing the coat that Jake had bought for her keeping her warm.....

Tears sprung to my eyes and I wiped them away. We were sitting in a cafe, Aisling in a high chair giggling. Then the door open. I turned round to see a young man walk in and found myself staring. He headed straight for the counter and begin chatting with the waitress. They obviously knew each other and after a bit the waitress gestured at me. The man turned his head to see me looking and smiled.

I blushed brightly and turned back to feeding Aisling. She giggled and it caused me to smile. Her laugh was so bright and full of life. "Hey" I looked up to find the young man standing next to me looking down. "Is this seat taken?"

I shook my head and turned back to Aisling. I lifted her out of the highchair and held her in my arms. She took a piece of my hair and tugged a bit, which I didn't mind, but I stopped her when she tried to put it in her mouth. "Is that your kid?" The young man asks.

"Yeah, she's called Aisling" I say stroking her cheek with my thumb. She gives me a toothless smile and I cant help but break out with a cheesy grin.

"And whats her mothers name?" He asks leaning across the table almost arrogantly and I see the waitress behind the counter giggle behind her hand and nug another waitor who smiles and they begin whispering.

"May" I say simply. "And she is leaving" I get up and the guy stares shocked as well as the waitress and waitor. I kneel down to buckle Aisling into her pram. She giggles as I do grabbing her little elephant teddy.

"Um..I... Uh..." The guy stutters as I stand up grab my bag and swing the strap over my head to the other shoulder letting it hang at my waist. I get behind the pram and begin walking out. "Hey! Wait! Can't I have your number?" He runs up to stop in front of me. I stand still tapping my chin with my finger as if I'm thinking about him. This causes him to become nervous.

"I guess it wouldnt hurt to make some new friends" I say shrugging. He winces at that and the waitress and waitor burst out laughing. I pull a pad and pen out of my bag scribbling down my number, ripping the sheet of and shoving it at him. Then putting everything back where it should be I walk out with Aisling giggling in her pram as if she knew what just happened.

The End

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