Maxxie: You're driving.Mature

The phone cut off and went dead in the middle of Hadley talking. I try to call back with the number saved in my call log, but there's nothing.  

John watches me as I keep trying, his eyebrow slightly arched. Despite the fact I'm doing my best to stop myself from getting more worried with each unanswered call, I'm kinda failing.

"Maxxie, what is it?"

"Hadley's somewhere he shouldn't be and I don't know where that is."

"...Right." I throw my phone on the floor, burying my face in my hand.

"Call the cops."

"And say what? Someone slipped my fiancé Rohypnol and neither of us knows where he is. That'll get them real far." I'd be better off calling Alex and getting him to help me find Hadley ourselves.

"Hadley called you from this guy's phone, right? So they can match it up and find out where he is." I nod slightly. I just want to find Hadley. And maybe watch someone beat the fuck out of whoever decided to drug my beautiful Hadley.

"Just have to hope it doesn't take too long," he mumbles. My eyes widen slightly and I stand up.

"John, can you do me a favour and call them for me? I need to go find Alex."

"Sure." I start to leave, but John's voice stops me again. "I need to know his number first, Maxxie." I gesture at my phone still on the floor and start walking again. I hear John on the phone as I walk out of the house, heading straight for Caleb's place.


When I get there, I'm greeted by none other than the ginger himself.

"Why? What's going on?" he asks when I ask to see Alex.

"I need his help with something."

"Like what?"

"Like finding Hadley and beating the shit out of the guy that decided it'd be a good idea to date rape him."

"Say what now?"

"Just fucking get Alex," I kinda snap. I don't really have the patience to deal with him being a twat when Hadley's probably in danger right now. He goes off and gets Alex. I say nothing to him, grabbing his arm and dragging him behind me back towards John's, ignoring Caleb's confusion. I keep pulling Alex until he just keeps up with me. I can hear Caleb behind us, trying to catch up, but I don't stop for him and I'm not about to let Alex wait for him either when Alex is the one I need.  He tries to hang back a little bit so that Caleb can catch up, but I tug on his wrist, making him walk faster again.

When we get there, Beau is in tears, and John doesn't seem to notice that I just want to know where Hadley is. He runs a hand through his hair.

"Beau, sweetie, please stop crying." That doesn't help at all, and she gets even more tearful.

"What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know, she just started crying for some reason."

"Oh... good luck with that one. Any news on where Hadley is?"

"They should call back any time soon," he says, going back to trying to cheer up Beau. I flop onto the sofa, regretting it as my collar bone reminds me it's not quite in shape for any sort of flopping right now. Alex sits with me.

"So, wait, what's going on?" Caleb queries, confused.

"Someone slipped Hadley some Rohypnol when you guys were out, and now he doesn't know where he is and is probably trapped there where ever he is with a lunatic. The phone cut off when he was mid sentence and... and... I'm fucking scared," I sniff, only just holding back the tears as Alex hugs me. Caleb doesn't say anything to that, and a short silence settles on us. Until John's phone rings, that is.

John answers it and listens, writing something down before handing it to me. I look at the words and take in the address the call came from. And then I wave it under Alex's nose.

"That's where we're going."

Caleb has a look at where we're going, "Whoa, houses there aren't cheap."

"Well then our psycho's rich. Big deal." I get up and pull Alex with me.

"Can you stay here, babe?" Alex asks Caleb, pecking him on the lips.

"Yeah, but..."


"He's my friend too."

"I know, doll, but I don't want you to get hurt," he says. If he knew I could be persuaded, Alex would ask me to stay too.

 Caleb's not happy with it, but he agrees to stay put and Alex kisses him firmly.

He kisses back, "Be careful."

"Have you ever seen me lose a fight yet?" he asks with an almost cocky grin. It doesn't seem to appease Caleb, but I drag Alex off anyways.

"You're driving," I tell him as we reach the Saturn. 


The End

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