Hadley: RohypnolMature

Mark fucked me again that night. At least, I think he did. I can’t remember. I remember him hitting me some more but the rest of is a total blank. He curled up with me once he was done, and for a split second I thought it was Maxxie. But when he squeezed a little too tight I remembered who it was and just felt... I don’t know, sort of empty. Maxxie wasn’t coming to rescue me. He didn’t even know I was there. Fuck, he probably thought I’d left him or something.


Mark left for work early the next morning and, just as I’d expected, he locked the front door behind him. I tried all the windows and the back door but the entire house was locked down. With a sigh, I slumped against the couch. I sat there for a while before deciding to go look for some painkillers to try and fight at least a little of the pain I was in. I checked each cupboard in the kitchen but only found an expired bottle of cough syrup. I shuffled off to the bathroom and checked the cabinet above the basin. There were definitely a lot of pills in there, the closest being a bottle of Flunitrazepam. Actually, that was the only thing in there that had even been opened. I tipped one of them out into my hand and recognised it as whatever pill it was Mark had given me the morning before. What is Flunitrazepam anyway? It doesn’t sound like a painkiller.

I walked out of the bathroom and headed for the living room and, most importantly, Mark’s computer. Please for the love of God, don’t have a password. And thank fuck, he didn’t. I headed straight to Wikipedia. It might not be reliable but at least it gets to the point. I looked up Flunitrazepam and started reading.

Flunitrazepam is marketed as a strong hypnotic and powerful sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, amnestic, and skeletal muscle relaxant drug.  A short-intermediate acting benzodiazepine derivative, flunitrazepam is prescribed for the treatment of severe insomnia, marketed by Roche most commonly under the trade name Rohypnol

Rohypnol... Son of a bitch. I grabbed the phone and dialled Maxxie’s number. It took me a couple tries since I still didn’t exactly know his number off by heart but eventually I got it right and hoped like hell that he answered.  I waited ages, internally begging him to answer.

“Maxxie” I said, once he finally answered.

"Hadley! Where are you?" he asked sounding both relieved and confused.

"...I'm not sure"

"What do you mean you're not sure?" he asked, concern thick in his voice.

"I can't exactly remember the last few days so I have no idea where I am"

He sniffled a tiny bit. "I thought you'd left me... you haven't have you?"

"Of course I haven't, dumby"

"Can you blame me? I find your ring in the bedroom and you go missing... I didn't know what had happened"

"I'm sorry. For worrying you"

"It's okay. I don't care as long as you're safe. You    are     safe, right?"

"Yeah. I mean, no. I mean... I don't know, Maxxie"

"What's wrong?"

"I have no idea where I am, Maxxie"

"Apart from that. Is where you are safe enough until I find you?"

"I... I guess"

"Well is there anyone else there?"

"Not right now..." Thank God.

"Will there be anyone else there soon?"

"Yeah" I said quietly. He’d be home for lunch soon.

"Can you not ask them where you are or get them to help you home?"

"Something tells me he wouldn't exactly help" I mumbled.

"Why not?"

"People that slip you rohypnol never tend to be all that helpful after"

There was silence on Maxxie’s end and for a second I thought maybe the phone had disconnected or something.


"You seen what he looks like?"

"Yeah, I can just about remember" The bastard slipped me another pill before I got a decent look at him and he was gone before I woke up today.

"Wanna tell me so I can hunt the bastard down and kill him?"

"He's..." I thought hard about it for a while. "He's got light brown hair and...brown eyes. I think he's in his thirties and I think... I think he said his name was Mark. I can't really remember much else, sorry"

"...Oh my god. I think I picked up your phone from him earlier"

"He took my phone?" I asked, confused.

"I tried to ring you earlier, but someone called Mark picked up and I went to Starbucks to pick your phone up... He said he'd found it"

"Maybe that's him. I don't know"

"It's worth a shot, I guess. I'll get Alex to help me try finding you"



"I think... I think I might've slept with him. I... I don't know, I can't remember" I said, feeling ashamed with myself.

"Hadley, he drugged you. I don't think you can be blamed for that" Yeah, it’s all fine and dandy saying that but I’m the one that fucking went back to his place like some desperate little slut. “Look, I don't care if you did or not, I just want you back"

"I want to be back with you" There was silence again. “Maxxie?”

“I’m sorry, Maxxie’s a little busy right now” Mark said, appearing out of nowhere and dangling the phone cord from his hand.

He dropped the phone cord and gripped my wrist, no doubt leaving a mark behind. He stared into my eyes for a few seconds before slapping me and shoving me against the wall. Where’s my instinct to fight back when I need it? He punched me in the stomach and again in the face when I doubled over before shoving me up against the wall again.
“No one’s gonna help you, slut” he said.

He was holding something and the second I saw it glint in the light I knew what it was. Oh shit.

The End

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