Chase Feddell:Meeting the SisMature

Rosalita wasn't what I expected at all. I could see some of my father's features in her, but for the most part she was spanish, with piercings and a killer dress sense. Her hair was short like mine, and I could tell we were going to get along easily. After my round of questions had finished, I began to ask her some.

"Ok, so what is your job?"

"I'm a choreographer and make up artist."

"Wow, that is so cool. Alright next question. Have you got a partner?"

"Yes." Rosaltia grinned at her friend Ranette. Oh.

"Oh, so you're a lesbian." Wow, both of us lesbians, what are the chances of that?

"Yeah, why have you got a problem with that?"

"It'd be hard for me to have a problem with it, being as I am as well."

"Oh. Cool. Dad must be turning in his grave, wondering what he did wrong."

I laughed. It was probably true. "True. Next, what's your favourite movie?"

When my questions were over, we wandered out in to the street. Ranette seemed to have warmed to me now, and she chatted quite freely to me and Rosalita. She even invited me to a party tomorrow. I accepted. It would be fun to go and meet some of Rosa's friends.

I said goodbye to them down the road from my photoshoot, and promised to call and arrange where to go tomorrow.

All together a successful day I thought as I walked down the road. And Rosa was amazing. So this was going to be a good holiday. Mum was right after all. I'm glad I came.

The End

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