Hadley: You're DisgustingMature

Mark smiled as he watched me squirm on the bed. The cold metal bit at my wrists as I wriggled around a little, trying my best to slip out of the handcuffs that were keeping me attached to the bed. I looked up at him innocently, biting my lip a little. He smirked and stayed stood where he was. I tried to fight my way out of the cuffs again and Mark undid the first button of his shirt. I bit my lip again, trying to hide a grin as he crawled over me. I leant up, trying to kiss him but he pulled back, smirking again. I whined a little and pushed my hips up into his clothed ones. His face darkened and he grabbed my shoulder, digging his fingers into my skin with force. I let out a slight moan and he dug his fingers in his harder.

“Pretty please, Maxxie” I said, pulling an innocent face.

Anger flashed in his pretty brown eyes and next thing I knew his fist collided with my face. “Shut your mouth”

Before I had time to recover from the punch, his lips were on mine. He pulled on my hair as he kissed me and even though it hurt, it felt fucking good. I kissed back hungrily, moaning as his hips brushed past my more than ready for action dick. He grabbed my member roughly and jerked me off for nowhere near as long as I’d have liked. I moaned in annoyance and he grabbed my dick again.

“What do you want?” he asked innocently.
“Fuck me. Jerk me off. Anything”

“You want me to fuck you?”

I nodded and he smirked.

“Of course you do, you little whore” he squeezed my dick a little and I bucked my hips up into his hand. “Disgusting little whores like you need punishing”

I nodded, just trying to get him to hurry up and fuck me. He undid his shirt agonisingly slowly and got off the bed, slipping off his jeans and boxers at the same agonising speed. He crawled back onto the bed, sitting on my chest and making it kind of hard for me to breathe.

“Open wide” he said bluntly.

I opened my mouth, licking my lips a little. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and all but fucked my mouth for a while, putting more effort in every time I gagged. He pulled out with no warning, shuffling down and pushing in forcefully. I moaned at the roughness and he almost looked insulted.

“You’re just a filthy little whore, aren’t you? You’re disgusting” he growled, hitting my stomach and thrusting at the same time.

He gripped my hips tightly, squeezing more with each thrust. His nails dug into my skin and soon enough I felt something warm rolling over my hips. He still squeezed even tighter and I leant up, trying to kiss him. He slapped me and forced my head back against the pillow. I moaned as he jerked me off with his other hand, wasting no time in coming. He pounded into me a few more before coming to his own finish and pulling out roughly.

“You don’t want to go back to your fiancé, do you?” he asked sweetly, stroking my hair.

How did he know about Maxxie?

“I should hope not, he’s a twat” Mark said, tugging on my hair a little. “Y’know, you should’ve told me you were engaged”

I opened my mouth to say something but he slapped me again, moving on and using my torso as a punching bag. I bit by lip, biting down harder with each hit until I felt blood trickle over my lip. I shut my eyes and waited for it to be over; wishing Maxxie could come and rescue me. He undid the handcuffs once he was finished and got dressed before leaving the room. As much as I wanted to grab my boxers off the floor, it hurt too much to move so I just curled up as best I could and tried not to cry.

The End

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