Jake: Quick DrunkMature

Okay, so I got turned down and got myself wasted in the time of 10 minutes. Blimey I really have changed quite a bit. But it was kind of strange how upset I was when Cayden left how I really felt I had to comfort him. I mean all we've done is fucked once and almost again tonight.

What's so special about this guy? He's still crying over a guy he split with and thats even effecting me. I sigh finally sitting up. I leave the bottle of wine on the table and strip to my boxers before sliding into bed. I fall to sleep almost instantly and wake to the ringing of my mobile. I pick it up, not bothering to look at the caller id as I put it to my ear which I instantly regret.

"Where the fuck is Annie?" Rosalita snaps. I moan rolling over so I'm sitting at the side of my bed.

"Why should I tell you?" I moan ruffling my hair up and grabbing the tracksuit bottoms from beneath my pillow.

"You better tell me where the fuck she is now Jake" Its clear she's holding back. How can she be so angry at me she's the oe who didnt visit the one who'd already moved on to a new girl and was all loved up.

"Scotland" I say pulling on the tracksuit bottoms and standing up moving out of the bedroom into the kitchen. I grab a glass and fill it with water.

"Why the hell is she in Scotland?"

"To get away from all the bullshit in America. To get away from you, Johnathan, her mum and past cause thats the only way she can get better. Want to fuck up her life again try and find her but I doubt you can cause I dont even know who she is and looks like now" I then hang up and take a long drink from the glass. I might go to the beach again. I mean Cayden will possibly be there and if he isn't I'll give him a call.

My phone rings again and I check the caller id to see it to be Rosalita again so I ignore it till it stops. I find some paracetamol and down two with a gulp of water. "Bloody alcohol. Next time I'm staying sober" I mumble.

The End

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