Maxxie: eager to forgetMature

I'll tell you now that those painkillers and alcohol are not a good mix. I found Hadley's note.

And the ring.

Whatever's going on in his head right now can't be anything good, and knowing him, he's probably managed to convince himself that somehow I never meant to propose and that it's too early anyways. I just can't find him, and as much as I want to sort this out tonight before it becomes one big mess like it did last time he convinced himself I didn't care, I'm too stressed. I'm worrying about where he is, what he's doing, whether he's coming back and also where Cayden is and whether he's back yet.

Not that I can really tell him we're engaged if Hadley's fucking taken his ring off and vanished.


Right now, I'm sat at a bar, staring at my drink while I readjust my sling. Inwardly, I'm cursing the fucking thing because seriously, it's the most pointless, annoying, shitty thing in the world right now. Apart from maybe me.

A guy sits down next to me and, unable to help myself, I subtly check him out. Only to notice he's doing the same.

"You alright there on your own like that?" he asks with a smile as the bartender pours him his drink. I shrug and wince. I gotta stop doing that. I slip myself another codeine pill while no one's looking and smile lazily as the pain detaches itself from me and I no longer give a flying fuck about it.

I look back round at the guy next to me, that smile still on my lips as I take him in. He's taller than me by a good couple of inches, kinda thin, but not in a bad way, brown hair and dark eyes. All in all, actually kinda hot, in his own way.

"What's up?" he asks after I've downed another shot of... something. "Spill. You're on your own, clearly not supposed to be out drinking, and frankly, you look miserable." I look over, pushing my glass back towards the bartender.

"M'fine," I slur.

"I don't believe that for a second." I let out a heavy sigh. What the hell? He won't remember me in the morning anyways and I could do with someone to talk to, to be honest.

"My fiancé has fucked off somewhere, and he left his ring in the bedroom, so I'm not even sure if he is my fiancé anymore, my ex is also nowhere to be found and as much as I want to find them, I appear to have ended up in no state to go looking anyways." He looks kind of surprised, both when I mention a fiancé and an ex.

"Why're you looking for your ex?"

"He's my fiancé's brother," I mumble miserably into my refilled glass, before downing the shot in it.

"Ouch. That's a rough ride, man. Well, I hope you find them and sort all this out soon," he smiles and I nod slightly, wondering if he's probably gonna go off and look for some other miserable sod to try and get into bed with.

But he stays. And he actually makes conversation with me, despite the fact that the painkillers and booze are fucking with my head. At some point, I end up in his lap, his tongue down my throat and one of us has got wood.

No prizes for guessing which one.

"Someone's eager to forget about things for the night," he chuckles, gently kissing down my neck. I just hum, tilting my head a little. Forming words is a little bit too much like effort right now. "Want me to uh... help you out?" he smirks, palming me through my jeans right there at the bar. I can't hold back my moan as I lean into him, bucking my hips up into his hand.

Which is when the bartender kindly tells us to fuck off and take it somewhere a little more private. Thoughts about Hadley and how I shouldn't make things worse flashed through the thick fog in my head, but to be honest, he shouldn't have thrown our whole relationship into doubt by leaving his ring at home before fucking off somewhere for the night.

So, with that spiteful thought in my head, I grab the guy's hand and let him lead me back to his place. 


The End

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