Maxxie: sidetracked?Mature

"We should probably go tell Cay we're engaged," I mumble through a mouth of toast. I don't really want to have to tell him, to be honest, but I want even less for him to find out from someone else.

"Thought you didn't want to mention it to him?" Hadley asks, actually managing to not talk with his mouth full.

"I don't, but how do you think he's gonna react if he hears from Brent or someone else?"

"I guess you're right." I finish my breakfast and don't move, still kinda reluctant to go tell him. "He was okay with us at Christmas, right?" Sure, he said he was and acted like it, but that doesn't mean it's not gonna hurt him when I tell him, does it?

"I s'pose."

He smiles, "So he should be fine with it." I hum in sort of agreement, not sure whether I'm more concerned about Hadley having his pill or thinking of a way to tell Cayden. I wonder what that says about my priorities sometimes. Hadley smiles again and I prod him.

"Pill." He groans and I prod him again. He gives me puppy eyes and I just look at him with this unimpressed expression on my face. I mean, really, does he expect me to let him skip out of taking his pills?

"Can I bribe you with something so I don't have to take it?"

"Can you guess the answer to that one?"

"Yes?" he asks hopefully. I scowl. "I don't like them," he protests.

"Well get nicer ones next time."

"Does that mean I don't have to take these?" He breaks out the puppy eyes again.

"Only if you go straight to the drugstore with me and get some that you'll actually take." He pouts a little bit at me.

"Deal," he agrees. I stick my hand out, smiling as he reluctantly shakes on it.

"Let's go then," I get up, taking my plate out to the kitchen, "we can pick some up on the way there."

"I don't like you sometimes," he says, putting on a sulky face. I take his hand, and with a smile, he kisses mine. I grin and peck him on the cheek, walking downstairs with him.

"Are we walking or are you driving?"

"It's up to you." I figure walking will make it more likely that I'll be able to persuade him into a drugstore. So smiling, I choose walking, swinging our hands a little as we go.

When we get to the drugstore, he starts to make a fuss. "Can't I just demand a blood transfusion?"

"That won't work," I tell him, dragging him inside.

"It might."

"Anaemia is to do with how much iron is in your bloodstream. A blood transfusion won't make much difference," I remind him, picking up a bottle of flavoured iron pills.

"Who needs iron anyway?" he mumbles, but I do my best to ignore that.

"Blackcurrant or orange?"

"Blackcurrant." I nod slightly and go up to pay for them. "Right, Cayden's place?" he asks as we walk outside.

"After one of these." He gets a pill out of the bottle and puts it in my mouth. I press my lips to his and push the pill onto his tongue, though he concentrates more on kissing back than he does on swallowing the pill. Eventually I pull back, squeezing his hand slightly as he smiles and swallows it at last. He squeezes my hand back as we walk over to Cay's place.

"I don't think he's home..." Hadley says as he reads the ‘back in 5 minutes' note on the door.

"Then wouldn't it make sense to wait for him to come back?" He nods and so I lean against the wall, wondering where he could be. Five minutes come and go, and he doesn't turn up. I almost decide that we should just go home several times during those five minutes, but I stick it out and keep waiting.

"I don't think he's coming," Hadley says when it becomes obvious that I'm just going to wait til he does fucking turn up. I frown, wondering where he's gotten to. I mean, he could've been held up or bumped into someone, but... I dunno. I'm quite happy waiting here for him, to be honest. "Maybe he got held up?"

"Maybe." Both of us are quiet after that and the minutes start to trickle by, more worry filling each of them as they went. After a while, Hadley huggles me, pecking me on the lips as I hug back.

"He probably just got sidetracked. We'll try again tomorrow, yeah?" I nod, and he kisses my nose. Moving my arm to his waist, we begin to walk aimlessly into the town. Hadley is happy enough to go wherever I want to, but I honestly have no idea.


The End

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