Jake: Italien dinnerMature

I sat at the table and tapped my foot leaning back in my chair. It was that moment Cayden walked in place a plate in front of me then sat across with his own. I smirked at the tomarto bake containing mushrooms with a sprinkle of cheese on top. "This looks appetizing" I say.

"Told you I could cook" He said then smirked which I laughed at before digging in. Silence almost desends and it feels awkward. I mean, I'm all up for healthy eating and manners but this silence feels..... tense. Like Cayden's trying to hold some emotion back as he eats his own food.

"Look" I say putting down my fork. "Are you okay?"

Cayden sighs heavily like he's realising pain within it. "Memories, y'know?" I frown and walk over. I pull him up then sit down on the sofa pulling him into my lap. I make him rest his head against my chest.

"Relax" I whisper. Some tension in his body settles to relax yet theres still some there. "Let it out. Let everything out" He remains silent and I begin to kiss his neck. Cayden's eyes close and he hums which I feel on my lips still pressed to his neck. Bites the skin slightly and I leave a hickey. "Oh shit. Sorry"

Cayden chuckles and reaches out to touch it. "Haven't had one of them in a while" He mutters.

"Want another?" I whisper kissing his neck again causing him to shiver which gives me some joy.

"Nah, my sister and her boyfriend'd never let up about it" He says shaking his head slightly.

I chuckle. "Is that a problem?" I whisper.

"It is when your staying with them and one of them is pregnant"

"Hmm, you could stay here. There is a spare room if you feel uncomfortable with the same bed" I whisper and I kiss his neck almost giving another hickey but holding myself back. Shakes his head lightly.

"I came here to spend time with her and get over Ma..." He stops and I feel curious as to the name of this guy who has a lot effect on this guy. "To get over the past"

"Hmm" I mumble. "Too bad" I then tilt up his chin for a kiss and Cayden looks at me curiously. I slowly lean in and kiss him. The kiss is a lot more different from yesterday's drunken situation. This kiss is slow, almost intense, soft and sweet. What's even more good is that slowly he begins to kiss back.

Slowly I lie him down onto the sofa, supporting myself over him with the help of my arms. He bites my lip a little and I moan pushing my hips into his. I feel his hands on my hips and his fingers dig into them.

The End

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