Cayden: Challenge AcceptedMature

I tried my best to sneak in the front door without being spotted but just my luck, Ryan had the day off work and was sat on the couch with Ava. Well, Ryan was sort of squashed up at one end while Ava stretched herself out, resting her feet in his lap. They looked up at me as I walked in, instantly expecting some sort of recount of the night.

“So, how did it go?” Ryan asked, rubbing one of Ava’s feet.

I shrugged and tried to make it to my room but was stopped by another question.

“Seeing him again?”

“If by ‘he’ you mean the person I went on the date with, then no”

Ava arched an eyebrow. “Who else would he mean?”

I shrugged again and Ava frowned. “Let me guess, you went to a bar and picked up a drunk guy?”

“You know me so well” I chuckled but she didn’t look pleased.

“That won’t help you get over Maxxie. You need a relationship, even if it is just a holiday fling”

“Well, I gave the guy my number and he sounded just as fucked up as me so y’never know” I said, not sounding all that enthusiastic.

Ava sighed a little. “Whatever you think’s right, Cayden. I might not like it but I’m here for you”

I smiled a little and dashed off to my room, changing quickly before heading back down to the beach. Back when we used to live here, I surfed a lot. And trust me; I want to see if I’ve still got what it takes.


I dragged myself out the water after a few hours, lounging on the beach again. I lay on the sand for a while, feeling the heat seep into my skin again and almost asked myself why I never really went to the beach back in Hollywood. I mean, sure it involved a bit of a walk... Okay, more than a bit but I could’ve gotten there on buses and stuff.

I stayed there for a while, just enjoying the calm when I thought I heard a guitar playing. I’d seen some emo looking kids around and thought it must’ve been one of them. But it couldn’t have been, they’d disappeared off inside the arcade. I cracked an eye open and glanced behind me, seeing Jake sat on one of those random beach walls. He had one foot pulled up on the wall and a guitar propped against his thigh. I listened to what he was playing and recognised it as ‘Hey There, Delilah’.

"Well hello, stranger" I sort of shouted over and he looked up, smiling.

"What you doing here?" he asked, still playing.

I gestured at my surfboard.

"Ah, I can't surf. I can climb though. And fly a jet"

"Surfing's easy" I smiled and he smiled back.

"I wouldn't know would I?"

"I'll have to teach you some time or something"

He laughed. "No one gets me in water"

I arched an eyebrow. "Can't you swim or something?"

"I can but you still won't get me in water. Not unless you bribe me or carry me"

"You're safe for now, then" I laughed and he smiled.

“It’s pretty nice down here, y’know” I said, stretching out on the sand a little.

"I bet it is, mate. I am looking at something very tasty"

I tried not to laugh at that but I couldn’t hold it back. Jake smiled and switched songs. I didn’t recognise it so I’m guessing it wasn’t a rock song. I shut my eyes again and went back to enjoying the sun. There’s just something comforting about the warmth of the sun.

“Once the sun’s down fancy finding a cave?” Jake asked. I could just tell he winked as he said it.

I opened one eye again. "There are other guys, y'know"

"Yeah, I know. Most of them are not good looking, straight or boring"

I smirked. "What makes you so sure I'm not boring?"

"Well I think last night proved you cut to the chase"

I smiled. "Just because I'm good in bed doesn't mean I'm not boring"

Jake laughed. "Well, I thought you weren’t wanting to do the whole get to know each other dating thing"

"Yeah, I'm not so sure dating's for me"

Jake smirked. "You just turned down a four star meal, mate. Worked in a restaurant as a cook for most of my studies"

"I'm not so useless in the kitchen myself, mister" All of a sudden I remembered what I think was my first date with Maxxie. Man, I stressed so much to make sure that meal was perfect.

"Prove it" he laughed.

"Is that a challenge?"

"I believe it is and I'll offer my kitchen" he smirked. "My standards are high. I hate olives, chillis and parsnips"

I thought about it for a minute or two. “Challenge accepted”

The End

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