May CallingMature

"Shh" I whisper as I rock Aisling back and forth in my arms. I've lost the natural feel of how to do this having not held her for so long. Elisa watches me smiling from behind her canvas.

"She's a beautiful little girl" Elisa says going back to her painting I walk over to see what it is looking at the beautiful painting she's started of a distant beach. I smile. Elisa's amazing at landscape art. I'm more of a portrait painter.

"Yeah she is" I whisper sitting down on the couch next to the painting area. "Thanks for letting me bring her to work Elisa. I just couldn't find a babysitter in time" I say stroking Aislings cheek.

"Nonsense. A child that age should be with it mother or father" Elisa says. At the mention of Aisling's father silence falls. "Uh... sorry about that" I shake my head throwing the tears from my cheeks and going back to look at Aisling. She's gained some of his features. She's about 4 months now and just yesterday almost said Ma-ma. It was so cute yet I wished someone else had been there to hear it.

"It's okay, Elisa..... shall we be closing up now, it is 7 0'clock?" I ask looking up to watch the clock which hand is ticking slowly.

"Oh, blimey! Yes, of course, you can get home. Look at me keeping you here. Go, go!" She says shuffling me almost right out the door. I grab my bag and the pram buckling Aisling in.

"Goodnight, Elisa!" I call then hurry out of the Art Workshop and heading straight home enjoying a short twenty minute walk along the beach side.

The End

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