Cayden: Something WrongMature

"Think you topped me there, buddy"

"Yeah, I believe so" this guy Jake said, swigging back another shot.

I threw back another and licked my lips. I’m not normally a shots kind of guy when I’m in this kind of mood. Normally I’d just treat myself to a bottle or three of something and drown my sorrows in the space of about an hour. "You don't sound like you're from around here"

Jake laughed. "Yeah, I come from fucked up America" he downed another shot and I smiled a little.

"Got that right" I said, arching an eyebrow at the speed he was drinking his shots. "Might wanna pace yourself there, dude"


As Jake asked for another shot the bartender held up his hands. "Sorry mate can't give you another"

Jake cursed. "Why not?!"

"Give me a bottle of vodka" I said to the bartender, paying for it and handing it to Jake. "My gift to you"

Jake laughed. "Well, at least I'll get drunk enough to finally fuck some guy" he slurred, taking a swig from the vodka bottle.

I laughed. "Who needs to be drunk to fuck a guy?" The second I said it memories of how I met Maxxie flooded my head and I felt even worse.

"Apparently I do" Jake muttered. "What you gay?"

I nodded and he grunted.

"I've never been before so I feel like I'm getting fucking messed up"

"You sound like my brother"

"I think a lot of guys would feel fucked up if they became gay"

I frowned a tiny bit. "Something wrong with being gay?"

"How am I supposed to know? Haven't fucked a guy, have I? But from what I've seen most people see it as a curse. I've never known what to think about it"

I shrugged a little. "Just gotta meet the right people" People like Maxxie.

"Do I? Would you be one?" he asked, leaning in close to me.

I sort of pushed him back gently. "You're drunk. And I don't want a straight guy yelling at me when he realises I fucked him"

Next thing I knew he’d grabbed me, forcing his lips on mine. "I dont fucking care. I've lost everything, my life is dead and I've been asking several people and they've all fucking been straight"

I glanced at him for a few seconds, trying to clear Maxxie out of my head. I grabbed the bottle of vodka and downed about half of it in a few seconds before kissing him. He wasn’t exactly bad looking. Not what I’d usually go for but what does it matter if he’s just gonna be a quick fuck? He grabbed my hip. Well that’s not something I’m used to.

 "Oi! If your gonna do that please go get your own room" the bartender warned.

"Want to come to my place?" Jake asked.

"Sure. I don't think my sister'd appreciate the noise" I smirked. Or Ryan for that matter.

The two of us headed back to his place and unluckily for him, his first experience was one lacking in lube. Either way, once the initial pain was over and done with he looked like he enjoyed it.


When I woke up in an unfamiliar apartment I knew something wasn’t right. I just sort of lay where I was in bed, listening to the sounds of someone making coffee. I got dressed quickly and wandered out of the room, seeing the guy from last night leaning on a table with his face in his hands. What was his name? Drake? Jake? Something like that.

“Morning" I said, sort of awkwardly.

He looked up. "Morning... Want a coffee? I have one heck of a migraine"

I chuckled a little. "That'll be all the shots. By the way, I'm not really one of those 'stick around for more than five minutes types'"

"Too bad. Sorry, if I was shit as well"

I shrugged. "You weren't terrible. I mean, I dunno if I'd fuck you again but..."

He laughed at that. "Yeah, I must admit that I disagree with anyone who says being gay is shit and too bad you have to go. Another quickie wouldn’t be so bad" he said, pulling me in for another kiss.

I hesitated a little before kissing back.

"Why the hesitation?" he whispered against my lips, moving down to kiss my neck.

I shivered a teeny bit at the contact on my neck and slightly at the memories of all the times Maxxie had done that. "Because I'm not over him"

"I'm not over someone I lost cause of another girl. I just need some fucking comfort" he bit my shoulder slightly and I groaned a little.

"I'm not over either of them" Fucking gorgeous Maxxie and my beautiful Gage.

"Them? So there's two?"

"Yeah. Pathetic, right?"

He laughed. "It’s not pathetic, mate" he kissed me. "Just relax"

I tried to relax but now the both of them were pressing on my mind. Maxxie was there with Hadley and Gage just looked hurt and like he didn’t approve.

Jake sighed. "If you don't want this then I won't do it," he walked back over to the counter and got himself another coffee, "but the coffee still on offer. Here or where ever, if you catch my drift. I need a fuck buddy and that’s all, though. Would that stand okay?" he said, turning round to face me with his coffee and taking a gulp of it.

"Sure. I just have to remember not to fall in love with you" I laughed a little.

He smiled slightly but it fells almost instantly and he looked at the floor. "I think I'm unable to fall in love at the moment. Not with the everyday progress report on how well my ex is getting on"

"Stalking her or something?" Stalkers are never good.

He laughed. Isn’t that another sign of a stalker? "She's in Scotland, mate, and it’s a doctor’s progress report. It’s hardly stalking since this girl I was going to marry and has about a three month old kid"

I sort of hummed a little. "Sorry to hear that. Anyway, I've stayed here way longer than I should have"

He laughed again. "A number would be nice before you go"

I gave him my number even though I hadn’t exactly been paying attention to my phone lately and pretty much sealed my fate.

"Thanks. You've done over five minutes stay so I'll take that as a compliment"

I smiled a little at that and left, half expecting a familiar blonde to drag me back inside like the last time I had a drunken fuck. But Maxxie couldn’t drag me back inside since he was all loved up with Hadley. I sighed a little and headed for Ava’s, hoping she wouldn’t quiz me on how my date went.

The End

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