Jake: Update todayMature

I felt loss.... I felt pain. But... what was happening was to help her. Annie had been moved into intensive care all the way to Scotland. I hadn't told Rosalita. Well, she hadn't even visited so why should I have told her. She'll find out when she decide to check the hospital. I know she had gone once when I hadn't beem there. Once when I had been losing myself in a bar.

In fact I had been doing that a lot recently. That hadn't been the only thing I'd done. Over the few weeks Annie had gone through before this big move I had changed. I no longer found only girls attractive. It was strange for me and I'd yet to sleep with one but.... I don't know. I'd been thinking of it.

Annie though was supposedly doing great. I was allowed to know about her progress but.... I could never see her again. Until she had begun her new life. She would take on a new name and live in Scotland after her healing. But never being able to see her again. Pained me. Hurt me so terribly.

That's how I find myself now sitting in a bar all the way back in Australia. My new home. I decided to move here since America held so much sorrow for me.

I swirl the shot glass for a second before downing it in one. I coughed but wiped my mouth. I got the bartenders attention and pointed to the shot glass. He just shook his head an filled it again with vodka.
Thats when a absolutely gogeous guy with messy dark brown hair slumped onto the bar stoll next to me. "You alright mate?" I slurred.

He looked at me and shook his head. I gestured at the bartender to give the new guy a shot as well. "On me" I whispered into his ear. Once he got his own shot we downed them together.

"What's your name?" He asked seeming almost no to care but at least being polite. I smiled slightly and swirled my newly filled shot glass again.

"Jake. Yours?" I downed the shot.


"Nice to meet you. What happened to you?" I slurred.

"Fuck happened. You don't seem so good yourself?"

"The person who I would of considered the love of my life was taken into hospital because she'd given up on life. Now she's moved to Scotland cause they believe the only way for her to get better again is to start a new one. Meaning I will never get to see her again" I say then downing my refilled shot glass.

The End

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