Cayden: Guys Like MeMature

I checked my appearance one last time before leaving the room Ava and Ryan were letting me sleep in. It was technically the baby’s room and they’d already started decorating so I was on one of those air mattresses. I didn’t mind, it was better than staying on the couch. Ava and Ryan had just sat down to eat when I emerged and Ava whistled as I walked past.

“Got a date or something?” she asked with a smile.

“Never you mind” I smirked and she grinned.

“Good luck”

“Oh honey, guys like me don’t need luck” I said and walked outside, heading for the beach.


“Didn’t think you’d show” Natasha said, appearing from nowhere to hug me a little.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” I asked, hugging her back and planting a kiss on her cheek.

“The cute guys never do” she released the hug and trailed her hand down to mine, linking our fingers.

I laughed and the two of us walked inside the cosy little restaurant. It was one of those ones that only serve seafood and stuff like that so of course it had a lobster tank. It wasn’t one of those gross ones where you pick your lobster, though, it was just there to look nice. The two of us were led to a table that had a pretty awesome view of the ocean and Natasha smiled at me. I smiled back, relaxing a little about the whole ‘date with a girl’ thing.

By the time our food turned up we’d spoken more than I think me and Maxxie ever did. No, stop thinking about Maxxie. I found out Natasha was an elementary school teacher but wanted to teach in a high school. Can’t say I understand why,  high school kids are brats no matter what country you’re in. I also found out she changed the colour of her hair every few weeks, ranging from natural colours to the drastically unnatural. When I asked her what colour her hair actually was, she just smirked and told me to “wait and see”.


Natasha pushed me up against her front door, her lips attacking mine with ferocity. I gripped her hips and flipped us round, smiling as she moaned a little when I pinned her against the door. She pressed herself against me, digging her hips into mine as best as she could considering the height difference. I kind of felt sorry for the girl cause trust me, I wasn’t even remotely close to getting hard. Natasha pulled away long enough to fumble around for her keys and get the door open. She dragged me inside, nudging the door shut behind her. We fell onto the couch, a mass of kisses and tangled limbs. She started undoing my shirt and I sat up. She looked at me with curiosity written all over her face.

“I’m sorry, Natasha, I can’t do this” I said, feeling like a dick and a moron at the same time.

“We can wait if that’s what you want” she smiled but I shook my head.

“That’s not what I mean. I can’t do this because I’m gay”

“You’re what?”


“So, did you ask me out as a joke or something?”

I shook my head again. “I asked you out because you really are beautiful and I thought maybe being with a girl would help me get over my ex. It’s stupid, I know”

“This whole evening’s been a waste then” she chuckled a little.

“I know and I’m sorry”

She sat up and didn’t say anything for a while. “Well, nice meeting you, Cayden. Come see me again when you’re straight” she said and showed me to the door.

I turned to apologise again once I was outside but all I was met with was a door slamming in my face. Well that went well. I did up the few buttons off my shirt she’d undone and headed for a bar. I’d really like to be drunk right now but we all know how long that’ll take.

The End

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