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Okay, why was Maxxie like passed out on the couch in the back room? I tried not to let it bother me and got on with work for a few hours but every time I had to go in the back room, I found myself worrying a tiny bit more. A couple more hours went by and I was practically going insane from worrying. I prodded him gently but the most he did was stir a little. C’mon, Maxxie, that’s not helpful. I went back to work but didn’t really get much done, convincing myself that what we’d gotten up to earlier on had done this to him.

“He’s not dead yet, he’ll be fine” Brent said, apparently noticing my distraction.

I nodded and got some of the cleaning stuff, figuring cleaning the bookcases would distract me from worrying. I heard someone get up and go to the bathroom after a while but just assumed it was Brent since he’d been lounging around with a book and a giant glass of pepsi.

“I’m gonna get something to eat. You guys want anything?”

I practically jumped a mile at Maxxie’s voice. I looked round and saw him stood in the doorway of the back room with a sleepy look on his face?

“When did you wake up?” I asked.

“Fries, a big mac and a strawberry milkshake” Brent said without looking up from his book.

“I dunno, about twenty minutes ago?” Maxxie shrugged slightly. “Want anything to eat?”

“Um, some fries?” I said almost cautiously before turning to Brent. “If that’s okay with you, I mean”

Brent still didn’t look up from his book. “Whatever, Baby, as long as kiddo’s paying”

Maxxie pecked me on the cheek. “I’ll be back in a bit, then” he said and went off to get our food.

I felt a little awkward on my own with Brent. I was convinced he still hated me so I didn’t really speak to him, choosing instead to get back on with my cleaning.

“Hadley, chill” I heard him say and pretty much convinced myself it was an order and that he was annoyed because I wasn’t cleaning it right or something.

He glanced up from his book and flashed me a warm smile. Maybe he didn’t hate me after all... Maxxie came back a while later with the food in a bag. I was sat on the floor and Brent was still sat at the counter with his feet up.

“Hope there’s ketchup in that bag” Brent said, eyes still glued to his book. How does he manage to see everything when his eyes are stuck on the pages?

“It would be if you’d told me you wanted it” Maxxie said.

“Dude, you suck” Brent said, getting his stuff out of the bag.

Maxxie started eating his and I crawled over, getting my fries before sitting back down where I’d been. I smiled and started eating as Maxxie sat with me. He smiled back and went back to eating.

“Having a slumber party, ladies?” Brent asked but Maxxie was too busy eating to answer.

Brent threw some fries at him and Maxxie flashed him a look that said ‘you’re wasting good fries’. Brent shrugged and Maxxie smiled slightly. I felt my own smile fall a little. I almost felt like I was intruding or something...


Eight o’clock rolled around soon enough and I still felt like I was intruding in some way or another. I mean, Maxxie and Brent got on like they’d been best buddies for years. And then there’s me just sort of on the outskirts, busying myself with work so I don’t feel entirely useless.

I said goodbye to Brent and started heading back to the apartment with Maxxie. He took my hand as we walked and I squeezed, letting out a little sigh.

"What's up?" he asked.

I feel like I shouldn’t be there when you and Brent are in the same room."Nothing really"


I nodded and he squeezed my hand a little. I smiled and he smiled back, running his thumb over my ring. I leant on him, humming a little as he moved his arms around my waist. I kissed his shoulder and did my best not to notice that he was breathing a little harder than normal. I’d done enough worrying for one day and to be honest, any more and I think I’d have a panic attack. Maxxie kissed the top of my head and I huggled him a little. He smiled and I felt myself start to sigh again. I turned into a contented one before he noticed and was more than happy to stay quiet. I wouldn’t have spoken if Maxxie said anything anyway, I was too busy thinking about things. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t having doubts or anything but I did slightly wonder if maybe it was too soon.

The two of us were quiet til we got back to the apartment, having to take the stairs because the elevator was broken. Maxxie was kind of out of breath by the time we got up there and I felt myself to start to worry again.

"Wanna sit down for a bit?"

"I'm alright" he said, letting us in.

The second we were inside I made him go and sit on the couch. He grumbled something about being fine.

"I don't care. Sit"

He sat down and I went into the kitchen to get a drink. "Want anything?"

"No, thanks"

I came back in with a glass of water, putting it on the floor and curling up next to him. He huggled me and I smiled, kissing him. He kissed back and I hummed. He leant on me a little and I noticed his breathing had evened out again. The two of us were happy to stay like that so we did and I felt myself start to fall asleep.

The End

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