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Now if that's not dedication, then I dunno what is. Managing to have sex twice in the space of twenty four hours with a broken wrist and collar bone isn't a bad achievement, really. Sure it hurt a bit, but the codeine was enough to make me not care.

I've given up being grumpy about needing help getting dressed and instead of bitching, just let Hadley get on with it while I fuss over his hair to get it to look less like sex hair and more like deliberately messed up hair. I think he pulls it off.

And then he starts sorting out my hair. I wasn't going to bother, personally, I was just gonna find an old beanie and shove that on. I just smile and let him play with my hair. He smiles back when he's done and I thank him, pecking him on the cheek.

"No problem," he says, double checking his hair in the mirror. Usually, I'd call him paranoid and tell him to leave it, but to be fair to him, Brent's not gonna be happy as it is, and if we walk in there all sexed up, he'll just think that Hadley's been skiving off for sex.

If only that were the case.

Once he's ready, Hadley takes my hand and I smile, walking with him down to the book shop. Brent doesn't look happy when we walk in, but that was kinda expected. I squeeze his hand a little as Brent begins to speak.

"Oh, so you did remember you work here then?"

"Sorry," Hadley mumbles.

"We should've let you know that something came up, sorry." I dunno why I'm apologising, to be honest. I can't say that making sure Hadley had told Brent he was going away had really been my priority when I was whacked out on morphine in hospital.

"I should seriously considering firing you, Hadley," Brent tells him, and Hadley looks almost horrified. I thought he didn't like working with Brent so much?

"Please don't. I'm sorry I didn't call or anything but it was an emergency. And I kind of don't have your number to call anyway..."

"Don't you? I could've sworn I gave it to your boyf-"

"Fiancé," Hadley kind of blurts out, cutting Brent off. I sort of look between them and blush a little bit.

"Umm, anyways, the point was I was kind of hospitalised. I can't say I had the presence of mind to let you know while I was high on morphine."

"Wait, so you guys are engaged?" I just nod, not entirely sure what to say. "And Cayden doesn't mind?"

"Hadn't quite had time to let him know yet," I mutter.

"I'm guessing you haven't told the dragon yet either."

"No, but after how my parents reacted, I think I can handle whatever she has to throw at me," I laugh a little nervously.

"Bro, trust me, you haven't seen the dragon in full freak out yet." Yeah, and my dad's reaction was nothing. I'm pretty sure I can deal with her.

"Can we stop referring to my mom as 'the dragon'?" I give him a gentle nudge to kinda say ‘just be grateful he's not fired you on the spot'.

"Well, congrats to you. Good luck with the dragon. And Hadley, you're working late next week as well now," Brent says and I would smile if that didn't mean I won't see as much of Hadley over the next couple of weeks as I'd like to. I manage a sort of smile, but I get the feeling that Hadley isn't best pleased with having to work late for so long, even if he doesn't show it. I peck Hadley on the cheek and he goes off into the back room to get to work.

"So, kiddo, didn't think you were the marrying type," Brent tells me and I smile slightly.

"Neither did I."

"What changed your mind? Other than Baby over there," he questions, glancing over at Hadley, who's busying himself with his work.

I shrug slightly, trying to think of what made me even think of proposing, let alone going through with it. "I dunno, but I think the fallout from our last conversation may have helped a little," I mutter, thinking back to how something so small triggered such a big fight.

"Oh yeah? How so?"

"Hadley got all pissed off at how much of a whore I was and for not warning him that you'd drunkenly sucked me off once and uh... well, we nearly split up over it. I guess it was then it hit me just how much I love him."

"Nice, bro. That little story was nice as well," he winks and I chuckle a little. He smiles. "So what ended you up in hospital? Did Baby jump you too hard when you asked or something?"

"I had a run in with some guys that remembered me from school while I was in London."

"Ouch. I hope you kicked their asses, man." I resist the urge to laugh, instead gesturing at my plaster cast wrist and sling. "You could've still kicked ass."

"I'm gonna hazard a guess that Cay never told you how shit I am at fighting," I smile ever so slightly, not quite willing to admit to him that I had to depend on Alex to keep me safe around school. "I'm guessing nowhere near as good as you are at making sex noises."

"Shut up, man," I give him a full on horrified face, remembering that Hadley doesn't exactly want to hear all this shit.

"Baby doesn't mind, do you, Baby?" we look over at Hadley, who doesn't look like he's paying attention.


"Tell me you at least got the cops on their backs. That's discrimination and assault, y'know?"

"I the cops were gonna ever do anything about it, they'd have done something about it when I was a kid, getting exactly the same treatment for exactly the same thing."

"Dude, English cops suck," he says. I shrug. And regret it. Bad move, Max. Brent, on the other hand, stretches a little bit.

"Make yourself at home, bro. You should know where the important stuff is." I thank him and shuffle off into the back room, curling up on the sofa. I can't really be bothered to go back and spend the day on my own in my apartment. I'll help if it's needed, but until then, I think I'm gonna doze. 


The End

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