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He walked back in, still eating his pancakes, and I held my arms out for a hug. He sat down and leant into me, too busy eating to hug me properly. I pressed my cold nose against him and he shivered a little.

"Told you I was cold" I giggled.

"Mmm" he said, snuggling with me.

I buried my nose in his neck, cuddling him a little more as he tried not to shiver again. He finished eating his pancakes, thankfully since I wasn’t too keen on having a warm nose and cold everywhere else.

"Can I have a better hug now?" I asked innocently.



"I wanna    see     you take a pill. I didn't see it" he said, eying me suspiciously.

"Well then, you can see me take one tomorrow" I grinned. We won’t tell him about the one I shoved under the pillow before he came back in the room.

He grumbled and I broke out the puppy eyes.


He gave me a one armed hug and I cuddled up to him. He closed his eyes and I cuddled him a little bit close. He leant his head on mine and I hummed a little. Maxxie was quite happy to sit there looking sleepy and I was perfectly happy to stay there and warm up. He fell asleep after a while and I took it as my chance to check out the bruises those assholes gave him. There were tons of them and they were all big and all angry looking. I can’t say I was exactly happy about it. I ran a finger over one particularly nasty one, trying to keep my touch as light as possible.

"What're you doing?" Maxxie asked sleepily and I jumped a little bit.


He groaned and closed his eyes.

"Sorry. Did I wake you up?"

"No" he mumbled.

I stopped checking his bruises and felt a light dusting of pink spread across my cheeks. I felt curiosity growing regarding my own bruises and I looked down at my chest. They weren’t anywhere near as bad as Maxxie’s and I started prodding them. "Ow"

Maxxie opened one eye. "Stop prodding them"

"Who said I was?"

"I'm psychic"

I smiled and slyly prodded another bruise. Not as slyly as I would’ve liked, though, since Maxxie saw and slapped my hand away.


"I'll prod mine" he warned.

I felt a horrified look creep onto my face and he sort of glared at me.


He had his finger aimed and ready to prod a particularly nasty looking one on his side.

"Seriously, don't"

"Don't prod yours then" he said, moving his hand away.

"But I want to" I flashed him the puppy eyes.


I shrugged. "Cause I can"

"Then why can't I?"

"Because you have more than bruises and I actually care if you're in pain"

"And I care if you're in pain" he kissed my neck.

"I don't"

He pouted and said under his breath "I do"

I kissed him, smiling when he kissed back.

"You shouldn't care but I'm glad you do" I said, still smiling.

"Why shouldn't I care about whether or not my fiancé’s in pain?"

"Because I'm not the important one here"

"Not true" he smiled a little and I smiled back.

"Very true"



"Nuh. What makes you less important?"

"I don't care about myself nearly as much as I care about you"

He blushed a teeny bit and kissed me before resting his head on my shoulder and mumbling "You stole my line"

I giggled and he huggled me. I huggled back, perfectly content to stay like that until I realised something. Something so big it was written all over my face.

"What's up?"

"Don't mind getting married this second, do you?" I asked a teeny bit nervously.

His expression turned to one of curiosity.

"You might not get a chance to otherwise"

He frowned at that.

"Brent is literally going to kill me"

"...You missed work and didn't let him know, didn't you"

"Yeah. Yesterday when I was 'looking after' you" I said and mumbled "And maybe when I flew out to London"

He laughed slightly. "Wow, you really do care about me more than yourself. I'll come with you, if you like"

"But you deserve to live"

"I want my fiancé in one piece, thank you. I'll come with you"

"Alright. Just be prepared to watch me die a slow, painful death"

He kissed me. "I'll save you"

I giggled.

"I shall be your knight in a shining cast armour" he grinned and I chuckled.

"How are you this cheesy?"

"With practice. And probably a good dose of over the top romance flicks"

"You woman" I said, smiling.

"Says he who stole my shirts to cuddle while I was off buying you that ring" he smirked a little.

I blushed. "That's different"

"Yeah, you're right. You cuddling my shirts was just plain cute" he smiled and I blushed more.

"M'not cute"

He pecked me on the lips. "If you say so"

I pouted. "I'm not"

"I'm going to need some convincing on that one, to be honest"

I whined and buried my head in his neck. "I'm never doing anything remotely cute ever again"

"But I like cute"

I groaned. I feel like I’m a kid when I’ve done something ‘cute’.

"You can be less cute if you want" he shrugged and I chuckled.

"How do I manage that?"

"I dunno" he smiled and I pecked him on the lips.

He kissed back and I hummed, kissing him a little harder. He matched it and I ran a hand through his hair. He held me close and I nipped at his bottom lip. He hummed slightly and I kissed him hard again. He kissed back a little harder and I let out a tiny moan. I trailed a hand down to his hips since his hands were already on my ass. I kissed down his chest softly and he pushed his hips into mine. I let out another tiny moan and Maxxie plucked at my t-shirt. I pulled it off on his behalf and saw him trying to get his own shirt off. He blushed as he finally decided he needed some assistance and I helped him slip it off with a smile.

I kissed him again and he kissed me back harder, pushing his hand into my boxers. I moaned into his mouth since we hadn’t broken the kiss and he hummed, jerking me off a little. I kept kissing him, moaning every now and then as he moved his hand. He stopped for a moment, pulling off my boxers, before going right back to work. I moaned some more and he smiled, slowing his pace just to tease me. I pushed my hips up a little impatiently, knowing the look in my eye was pleading. He managed t get his own boxers off and grabbed the lube. I tried to catch my breath a little bit and he pushed me down gently, lubing and stretching me. I kissed him and he kissed back harder, finger fucking me. I let out yet another moan because fuck this was hot.

“M-Maxxie...please” I managed to gasp out and he hummed, adding another finger.

I moaned a shitload more and kissed him again. He kissed back, shifting a little so he could support himself with his good arm, and fucked me. Not bad for a guy who got out of hospital a few days before.

The End

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