Hadley: Take Your PillMature


"And how would you like me to look after you?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Have a guess"

I giggled. "By feeding you chicken soup and giving you a foot rub?"

"Well... that    could     work"

I smirked a little. "What would you prefer?"

"Something that involves a bed and us in or on it. Not fussed. Been too long"

"Better find a bed then"

He hummed and nodded, squeezing my hand. And with that I led us off to a bed. Obviously not just some random bed but you know what I mean. I could tell Maxxie wanted me to do the fucking but I’d been intending on it anyway since he had broken bones. And I’d already decided I was fucking him slowly cause I didn’t fancy him ending up with an even more injured collar bone or something.


I snuggled up to him once we were done. If I’d hurt him at all he didn’t let it show and cuddled up to me. I fought back the urge to nuzzle his neck since I’d no doubt knock his collar bone and settled instead on wrapping my arms around his waist.

“Love you” I said.

“Love you too”

I hummed and noticed that Maxxie was breathing a little harder than he should’ve been. I started worrying again within a second.

"You okay?"

He nodded and kissed me. "Yeah" he smiled.

I kissed back but I was still worried.

“It's just the painkillers. It's fine" he said, playing with my hair.

"If you say so"

I closed my eyes, smiling as he kissed my forehead. He sighed contentedly and I tried my best to stay awake. I’d skipped out on a few of my iron pills and it was starting to catch up with me.

Maxxie cuddled me a bit more and I sort of mumbled "I've got nowhere to nuzzle"

"You do, you're just too paranoid about hurting me" he smiled.

I nuzzled his neck a teeny bit and he started tracing patterns on my back. I hummed and felt myself falling asleep again. He kept tracing patterns on my back, making me even more tired and before I knew it, I’d fallen asleep.


"Morning, gorgeous" was what I woke up to.

I smiled up at Maxxie and said sleepily "Morning"

He pulled me into a slow kissed and I kissed back equally as slowly. He pressed his forehead to mine and I hummed. He smiled and I yawned a little.

"I'm gonna make pancakes. Want some?"

"Sure" I smiled, honestly too sleepy to care that pancakes involve hot oil and Maxxie could only use one hand.

"Take your pill" he kissed my forehead and went off to make the pancakes.

I groaned. Stupid iron pills. They taste gross and I really couldn’t be bothered to take them.

"Take it" came from the kitchen.

"Dun wanna"

"Tough shit"

I mentally refused to get out of bed other than to put on a t-shirt and some boxers and Maxxie, apparently telepathic, picked up on this. He came back in the room and knelt on the bed, no doubt ready to force me to take my pill. I was determined not to take it and watched sort of smugly as he tried to open the bottle with one hand. He held the bottle between his feet and got the lid off, pulling out a pill. I clamped my mouth shut and he crawled over. He put the pill in his own mouth and kissed me hard. I just about managed t keep my mouth shut but he forced his tongue in. Bastard. I whined and spat the pill out the second he pulled away. Yeah, Maxxie didn’t look too happy at that.

"I don't want one" I said, flashing him the puppy eyes.

"Please Hadley" he pouted, "I made you pancakes one handed"

I whined again and he pretended to almost start crying.

"I don't want to" I pouted.

"Not even for me?"


He pulled a sad face and I pouted again. He kept up the sad face and I kept up the pout. With one last look at the sad face, he slunk off to the kitchen. I was instantly suspicious. What if he’d kept one pill in there and was crushing it up into the pancakes?


"What?" he asked, apparently through a mouthful of pancake.

"I'm cold"

"Take your pill"

"That won't warm me up"

"Take your pill and I'll come back to bed and warm you up"

I was silent for a bit, hoping it’d convince him. "I took it"

"Why do I not believe you?"

"Because you're mean and want your fiancé to be cold"

"Correction: I don't want my fiancé passing out and having a fucky appetite"

"I'm still cold"

He sighed. "Did you honestly, swear down on your engagement ring, take it?"

I paused for a fraction of a second. Was I really going to lie on my engagement ring..? Yes. Yes I was because I was fucking cold. "Yep"

The End

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