Maxxie: to be looked afterMature

Well at least I was prepared for Alex being moody about this. I'm tempted to tell him to just hurry up and settle down with Caleb, but we all know he won't, no matter how bitchy he gets about me proposing to someone else.

At some point later, Caleb steals Hadley from me and drags him off somewhere. I watch, kind of amused until they're out of sight before turning back to Alex who's full on sulking now they're gone.

"Alright, Mr. Moody. What's with the grumpy face?"

"I'm happy for you, Max," he smiles a little, drawing patterns on the table with salt, prodding it around with his finger, "really, I am. I just..."

"Just what?"

"Don't you think it's just a little bit early on? I mean, you've been going out what, three months?" I nod and he sighs, his breath scattering the salt a little, "we were together for so long and you never even considered it." I don't say anything. He lifts his gaze to meet my eyes, "Look, don't listen to me. What do I know, eh? I'm hardly marriage material." I reach across the table and prod his nose.

"Give it a couple more years." He shakes his head and I slap him, getting myself on the receiving end of a scowl. "I wasn't marriage material til this year. Never believed I would be, either, but here I am." He sulks, wiping the salt off the table and putting his head down on it. I play with his hair and he glances at me.

"Just ignore me being moody. I'm glad you're finally settling down with someone. Hadley's a good guy." I smile and he returns it, "I better be your fucking best man."

That's when Caleb and Hadley get back. Hadley smiles at me as he walks back over and I smile back, ruffling Alex's hair before sitting back so he can sit on me again. He huggles me and I wrap my arm around him.  Alex sits up and pulls Caleb down onto his lap as the ginger holds out his arms for a cuddle. Caleb smiles and kisses Alex's cheek, enjoying the cuddle.

"So when are we getting married then, oh ginger one?" Alex says, only half jokingly. Caleb pulls a thinking face and then grins.

"Tomorrow," he giggles. Alex kisses him.

"Mmm, okay." Caleb kisses back and huggles more.

"They're almost as nauseatingly cute as we must be," I mutter in Hadley's ear, giggling. Hadley smiles and I peck him on the cheek. "I should probably let Rosa know we're engaged," I say thoughtfully. He hums in agreement and I kiss his neck, sort of pulling him up with me. "We gots other people to tell, so we'll leave you two lovebirds to it," I smile, taking Hadley's hand. He squeezes.

"Don't forget the wedding's tomorrow," Caleb giggles and I smile.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world. See ya." Ginger waves as we leave and I wave back.

"So what did Caleb want with you?" I ask as we walk back down the street.

"Just to quiz me about all the details and did I reckon it'd take seven years for Alex to propose." I smile slightly.

"I don't reckon it will, y'know."

He smiles back, "Good. Because Caleb informed me if Alex hasn't asked after like four years, he's asking instead."

"We'll see," I chuckle. He leans on me a little and I put my arm around his waist. "Now, where's my phone? I need to call Rosa."

"Please tell me you don't need the answer to that."

"It's not in my pocket. I can't remember where I left it."

"It's probably back at the apartment."

"...I can't be bothered to go that far. Can I use yours?" I ask, pulling the puppy eye face. He tuts a little and hands over his phone with a smile. I peck him on the lips and smile, dialling her number.

"Hello?" she says.

"Hey Rosa, it's Max. I'm not disturbing anything am I?"

"Not at the moment no Maxxie, fire ahead."

"I called to tell you I proposed to Hadley," I say with a grin, even though she can't see, "and he said yes." I feel Hadley's arms link around my waist gently and I smile.

"Oh my god, really? That's amazing Max! When's the wedding?" I laugh slightly.

"I only proposed a couple of days ago. I have no idea when we're gonna have the wedding. Probably when his mum stops freaking out," I tell her, and Hadley laughs. ‘Cause let's face it, that could take a long, long time.

"Oh dear, the parent troubles! Well when you decide you'd better invite me. I want to see you get tied down for myself. And an invitation for my girlfriend would be good too."

"Girlfriend, eh? You n me are gonna have to grab a coffee at some point," I smile, "say hi to her for me."

"Okay. I miss you Max. You're about the only one who isn't wacky in my little circle. When are you free?"

"Dunno. Whenever the fiancé will let me go out of the apartment on my own," I giggle, earning myself a sort of glare from Hadley. I peck him on the lips. He smiles.

"Hang out with her whenever you like, doll. I'm working late all week anyway."

She giggles back, "Well tell him I want to see him too, and bring him out. Then we'll ditch him. Leave him wedding shopping or something. Nett can help him."

"She wants to see you too, Bunny boy," I chuckle and he arches an eyebrow.

"Seriously?" I nod. He shrugs, "Whenever I'm not working late then, I guess."

"He says he's working late this week, so we'll let you know, yeah?"

"Yeah, that'll be great. Alright, well I have to go, it's time to look after the girlfriend." I giggle and we say our goodbyes, hanging up.

"Lucky Rosa's girlfriend. I want to be looked after too," I pout. 


The End

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