Cayden: Going WrongMature

You know your life officially sucks when you’re lying on a sun drenched Australian beach and all you’re doing is moping over your ex. If you’ve just split up with them then I guess it’s not so bad, but when you split with them like three months ago and you’re still not over them... Yeah, that’s when it starts to suck. I hadn’t told anyone besides Brent that I was leaving and I swore him to secrecy under pain of death. You might think I’m joking but I’m so fucking serious. The only clue I left to show that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be was a “back in 5 minutes” sign on the door of my apartment.

I lay back on the golden sand, feeling the warmth seep into my skin. I was staying with Ava and Ryan and they figured it’d just be best to leave me to my own devices for a while. And my own devices led me to a beach. I’d hitched my jeans up to my knees and taken off my shirt and shoes to absorb as much of the Aussie sunshine as possible. I buried my toes in the sand and shut my eyes. I should have been enjoying it but I wasn’t. The only thing that ran through my mind was that Maxxie should’ve been on that beach with me.

I sat up with a sigh, catching a cute girl glancing at me. I smiled at her and she blushed a little. Maybe that’s where I was going wrong. Maybe trying to get over Maxxie by falling for another guy was why I couldn’t get over him. I mean, I’ll pick up a girl if I’m desperate enough and none of the guys around are particularly appetising but I could maybe force myself to try and have something meaningful with a chick. It’d make Mom a little happier anyway. I walked and sat down next to her and her friend.

“Can I help you?” she asked, barely hiding a smile. This all feels so wrong...

“I couldn’t help but notice you watching me” I said a little coyly.

She blushed a tiny bit and said “Well if you couldn’t help but notice me watching you, you must’ve been watching me too”

I chuckled a little. God, this girl was almost as good as me. “You’re pretty, I’ll give you that”

She smirked. “What’s your name, hotshot?”


“Nice to meet you, Cayden. I’m Natasha” she said and her friend nudged her, “Oh, and this is Emma”

I nodded at Emma and turned my attention back to Natasha. “Say, would you like to go out some time? Maybe seven o’clock tonight?”

“That restaurant over there?” she asked, pointing to one of the little beach restaurants.

“Sure” I said a little seductively and Emma blushed a little.

“I’ll see you there then, Cayden” Natasha smiled and I nodded, standing up and walking away.

The End

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