Rosalita: HotMature

Slipping in to bed with Nett seemed more natural than I would have dared to dream. I'd lasted this long, but something about this moment seemed right for our first sex-capade. And I wasn't wrong either. As her tongue slipped in to my mouth I sighed. this was right, this was how it should be. Not stripping as fast as possible in a frenzy for a one night stand, not being the one on top, or the one below. Being equal felt nice.

When I woke up the next morning, it took me a second to realise what had happened. Then I grinned at the sight of Nett, curled up against my breast, her breath tickling my skin as her chest rose and fell steadily. Such a soft sweet girl. I kissed her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled.

"Morning gorgeous. Nice sleep?"

"It was better when I was awake." She grinned at me and reached up, her lips searching hungrily. I kissed her, letting her reach up and stroke my hair as she did so. When she released me I took a deep breath.


"Mmm, heaven."

I slipped out of bed, not bothering to put any clothes on, and skipped in to the kitchen. Soon, the smell of pancakes sweetened the air, drawing Ranette from the bedroom. Her warm arms snaked their way around my hips and I felt her body pressing against mine as I flipped the pancakes on to a plate.

"Breakfast is served gorgeous." I twisted in her arms and planted a kiss on her nose before wiggling free and placing a plate on the table. We dug in.

As I washed up, Nett returned to her place behind me and encircled my waist again. her lips wandered over my neck and shoulder, making me shudder. I gave up washing and dried my hands, turning once again to face her and set her lips to rest. After a few minutes I pulled away to look in to her beautiful eyes.

"You're fucking hot you know."

The End

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