Maxxie: seven yearsMature

In the end, we decide to tell Alex and Caleb today, and eventually, I get my ass out of bed. In an attempt to keep some kind of independence, if not dignity, I try to get undressed and wash myself on my own.

Of course, I fail, and Hadley ends up helping me more than I'd have liked. I don't like having to rely on him so heavily. He pecks my cheek.

"It's just for a little while."

"I feel like I'm a burden," I grumble as he helps me back into clothes.

"You're not." Doesn't stop me feeling like it, Bunny. I don't say anything, concentrating on doing up my shirt buttons one handed. "I honestly don't mind, y'know?"

"I know. I just don't like being so dependant," I tell him as I push the last button through. He smiles and kisses my cheek again, making me smile back.

"Enjoy the special treatment while it lasts, I'm not doing anything for you once you're all healed up," he giggles.

"I still have those days from my Christmas present," I grin, earning a chuckle from him. "Once I'm healed up enough, I know exactly how I'm spending one of those days."

"Oh yeah?" he feigns an innocent face and I nod, laughing. He lets out a little giggle. "And how might that be?"

"Well, it may or may not involve the bed, depending on where we end up," I smirk a little bit, doubting very much that we would get as far as the bed if my libido had anything to do with it. He giggles and grins. I lean over, planting a firm kiss on his lips. "Anyways, I guess we oughta go face the ginger."

"Be prepared for hyperactivity. And he'll probably slap Alex and ask why he hasn't proposed yet." He chuckles and I can't help but join him. Poor Lex. He's good at long relationships, but I'm not so sure that marriage and settling down suits him. At least, not yet. He takes my hand and I squeeze it a little, suddenly a little nervous about how Alex is gonna react for some reason. I dunno why, I mean it's not like he still wants me or anything, but... I dunno. I guess I just feel like he's gonna think the same as I did, about it being too soon.

Smiling, Hadley leads me down to the car, but to be honest, I'd rather walk. Doesn't matter how much codeine you give me, I'd still be nervous. I tell Hadley I'd rather walk and he doesn't put up any argument about how I might somehow hurt myself more and we wander over hand in hand.

Alex and Caleb are at the cafe already by the time we arrive and when Hadley sees them, he squeezes my hand a little. I put on a brave face and smile, pretending like I'm not worried about telling Alex at all. We walk in and Alex looks up at us. Hadley smiles at them as I sit down opposite them, pulling him down onto my lap. He leans gently back on me, despite the fact he looks a tiny bit worried about hurting me.

"So spill. What was it you guys wanted to tell us?"

Hadley smiles at me, "Are you telling them or am I?"

"You," I mumble, kissing his shoulder.

"Maxxie asked me to marry him..." he says. Alex's face falls into a look of shock. Caleb on the other hand, doesn't look so shocked and I wonder why for a moment until Hadley continues. "And I said yes." I watch as Alex finishes his coffee and smiles at us.

"Well congrats, guys," he says, but there's something ever so slightly off about it. Oh, god. He thinks I've rushed into it, doesn't he? I don't get a chance to ask him what's up, Hadley's lips on mine before I can even formulate the words. I notice Caleb giving him a questioning look out of the corner of my eye. Alex shrugs.

"So when do we celebrate?"


"I just got out of hospital like three days ago, I think it'll be a while yet," I laugh. Alex pouts a little. At that point, Caleb ceases to be calm and the number of questions he spits out make my head spin.

"Where did he ask you? Was it romantic? Was it cheesy? Was it a total disaster? Do your parents know yet? What's the ring like? Have you even got a ring?"

Hadley chuckles a little. "One at a time there, Caleb."

"I asked him in hospital in the middle of a bitch fit," I giggle, "but who likes conforming to stereotypes anyways."

"...Right. Ring?" Hadley shows him and Alex the ring, and I smile as I notice Hadley having a hard time not grinning.

"It's kind of simple, isn't it?" Caleb asks.

"I like it, it's perfect," Hadley says, defending my choice. The two of them chatter for a bit, and to be honest, both me and Alex are happy to let them. Alex sort of stares off into space and I close my eyes for a while, trying not to drift off. When I next open my eyes, Caleb slaps Alex's knee kinda playfully.

"How come you haven't proposed?" he demands, making Hadley giggle a teeny bit. Alex pecks the ginger on the lips and smiles.

"Because your mum slaps hard. She'd slap me into next year if I proposed to you." Caleb pouts, and he kisses him. Caleb kisses back.

"That's a lame excuse, Lex," I smile, "Hadley's mum'll probably stab me next time I see her, and that's not stopped me." He sighs and holds up his hands defensively.

"Alright, alright! Call me what you like, I just think three and a half months is a bit soon." Told you. Caleb sort of huffs, apparently not satisfied with Alex's reason and I notice a tiny frown creep onto Hadley's features. "Don't get me wrong, you two can do what you like, it's your lives," he says. Hadley's frown lifts, but he still doesn't look best pleased. Alex smiles. "You should count yourself lucky, I don't think Maxxie's ever considered settling down with anyone properly before. Seven years, Max, seven years and not even a ‘what if'," he laughs, and I sigh slightly. He'll get over it soon enough, I guess.


The End

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