Hadley: Get A GripMature

You know how I said I didn’t trust beaten up fiancés and planes in the same place? I trusted it even less once me and Maxxie were actually sat on the plane. I was convinced take off would force his collar bone out of place or something. I was constantly checking on him to make sure he was okay and that he wasn’t in pain until he fell asleep. And even then I was convinced he’d passed out because of the pain. Jeez, Hadley, get a grip.


By the time we got to Hollywood I was just about ready to drop. I hadn’t exactly done much sleeping in England and trust me; two eleven hour flights when you’re already tired aren’t fun. Maxxie wasn’t quite so tired since he slept on the plane. Alright for some, not being kept up the entire flight because you’re convinced your fiancés about to die. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but that’s what I was like.

The first thing I knew of Caleb and Alex coming to meet us was when the God damn ginger jump hugged me, completely ignoring my bruises. Remind to kill him some time. Alex, however, looked horrified as we walked over.

"Thought it was nothing serious, Hadley!"

Maxxie slapped him. "Never tell Hadley where he can go get beat up again"

"Hadley got beat up?" Caleb asked, looking up from my neck which he’d been nuzzling.

I rolled my eyes and Maxxie smiled slightly.

"The idiot decided to go after the guys who put me in hospital"

"Wait, you got put in hospital?" Caleb asked, sounding almost shocked.

I slapped the back of his head. "Pay attention, idiot"

Maxxie looked down at himself and then back at Caleb. "No. I fixed myself a cast in the street"

"I'm confused now..." Caleb said and Maxxie patted him on the head.

I laughed as Caleb sort of glared at him and Maxxie giggled.

"Don't blame me, blame the codeine"

Caleb just grumbled. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t even know what codeine was.

"Anyways, I think Hadley needs a bed" Maxxie chuckled and I nodded a bit.

"Or just somewhere I can sleep"

Maxxie took my hand and I squeezed his. He pushed Alex towards the exit and Alex drove us back. I felt myself start to fall asleep in the back of the car and hummed as he huggled me. I snuggled up to him a little and smiled as I felt his lips on my temple. I shut my eyes and fell into a sort of half sleep. I was vaguely aware of Maxxie getting Alex to carry me inside and even more vaguely aware of Caleb complaining about Alex never carrying him anywhere. The last thing I heard before I was fully asleep was Alex promising to carry Caleb back.


When I woke up the first thing I noticed was that I’d sort of rolled onto Maxxie a tiny bit. I felt my jaw drop a little, almost in horror, as I realised I might’ve hurt the gorgeous half asleep guy next to me.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No" he mumbled sleepily.

"Good" I said, hugging him.

He huggled back and closed his eyes. I was happy to just lie there. He smiled at something and I blushed, realising I’d been humming a random tune. It might’ve been a song, I don’t know. I stopped humming and he opened his eyes, pecking me on the lips. I kissed back a tiny bit harder and he hummed. I kissed his nose, making him smile a little.

"Don't fight me on this but I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. Y'know, about your dad. And about kicking those guys' asses"

He groaned slightly. "Hadleyyy"

I pressed a finger to his lips. "I said    don't     fight me on it"

"Apology accepted. Gonna stop beating yourself up about it now?" he said past my finger.

"Maybe" I said and he arched an eyebrow.

I pecked him on the lips and left it at that, giggling as he huffed a teeny bit. He kissed me and huggled me a little bit more as I kissed back. Can’t they just replace his collar bone? I want to hug him like I normally do; so hard it’d probably kill anyone else.

I smiled. "I love you, Maxxie"

"I love you too" he said and a thoughtful look spread across his face. "When're we gonna tell Alex and Caleb that we're engaged?"

I hummed. "Tomorrow?"

"Mmm" he smiled slightly. "Do I need to wear some sort of body armour, d'you think?"

"Save that for when we tell Mom" I chuckled and he groaned a little.

"I'm leaving you to break the new to her about that one" he laughed.

"Wow, thanks" I tried not to giggle.

"Well she might not kill you"

He smiled at me and I smiled back, cuddling him a bit more. He kissed my neck and I tilted my head, humming as he kissed more. He snuggled up to me and I smiled, kissing his nose again. I know it’ll make me sound like a high school girl and all but seriously, is all this actually for real? Am I actually here snuggling with a gorgeous guy who asked me to marry him just a few days earlier? Either way, if this is a dream I’m fucking enjoying it.

The End

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