Hadley: Leave Him AloneMature

Mrs F was the one who opened the door and to be honest she looked upset and a bit of a mess. "As nice as it is to see you both, you should really go"

I felt a worried expression slip onto my face. “Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. You just chose a bad time to visit"

"Get the fucking faggot off my property" followed her from the other room.

I felt my face pull into a frown and Maxxie kind of snapped, yelling "You wanna say that to my face, you piece of-"

His dad came storming out. "Did you forget you're not fucking welcome around here or something? Have you seen what you've done to my wife since you decided to stick your nose back where it's not wanted?"

"Funny, I thought she looked happier each time Maxxie came to visit" I muttered.

"Does she look happy to you?"

I didn’t say anything. For all I knew it was him that’d upset her, not Maxxie.

He turned back to Maxxie. "She came home the other day and burst into tears the moment the door was shut. It took me three hours to get it out of her that you had    proposed     to    that    " he jabbed a finger at me.

"   That     has a name" I mumbled.

"You're disgusting. Both of you. Get fucking lost and never come back here"

"Sorry, could you just explain to me how your own son is disgusting?"

"Did you not hear me? I said get lost!" he shoved me back but I stood my ground.

He shoved me harder and Maxxie punched him as hard as he could in the stomach. His mom was just stood there looking horrified. I tried to move Maxxie out of the way so he wouldn’t get hurt more but his dad forced me out of the way. He hit Maxxie square on the sternum with his hand flat and Maxxie stumbled back. The first thing that ran through my mind was his collarbone.

I shoved his dad back. "Leave him alone, asshole"

"I knew Americans were dense, but I never thought you wouldn't understand the term 'get lost'. If you don't get off my property in the next ten seconds, I'm calling the police, so I suggest you get out of here" he snarled and I glared at him.

He stepped back, pushing his wife inside, and pulled out his phone. You think I’m fucking moving? Maxxie kind of tugged at my hand and I looked back at him, a worried expression instantly falling into place. His breathing was ragged and he coughed before rubbing his chest and glowering at his dad.

"Let's just go"

"I'm taking you back to the hospital"

"No!" he said, looking vaguely horrified at the idea. "He just winded me, I'll be fine”

"I just wanna make sure, gorgeous"

"We'll miss our flight"

"We won't" I said, pecking him on the lips. Yeah, suck on that, Pops.

I heard the door slam behind us and figured we’d probably been reported for trespassing or something. Dude, I’m American. What are Americans great at? Suing people, that’s what.

I took Maxxie hand and said with a smile "Just get it checked out for me"

He squeezed my hand. "I'm fine"

I pecked him on the lips again and he kissed back before heading for the car. As much as I wanted to drive him to the hospital, I didn’t. If he reckoned he’d be fine I’d trust him on that. But if his breathing started getting fucky again I’d drag him to the hospital if I had to. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t drag him. More like I’d carry him. His breathing seemed to even out as I drove but I couldn’t help but be worried still. What if his dad had made things worse?

The End

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