Hadley: Nice Of You To Join MeMature

Good God, you wouldn’t have thought taking a guy to see his mom would be such a challenge. Well, apparently it is with Maxxie. I’d been up and ready for about an hour and he was still lying in bed. He’d flat out refused several times but I figured I should be patient since he’s hurt and all. I gave up on the patient thing after a while, though.

"C'mon, Maxxie, all I'm asking for is five minutes"

"My head feels like it's about to explode. I'm not moving"

I pulled the comforter off him and he whined.

"Please get out of bed"

"Make me"

"And risk hurting you more by dragging you?"

He grinned. I grabbed his ankles but I wasn’t all that sure I’d actually go through with it.

"You wouldn't dare"

Okay, just for that, I will. I dragged him down the bed a tiny little bit and he broke out the bitch face.


"Get up"

"Why? You know we're just gonna have either screaming or an awkward silence, right?"

"Yeah but at least you'll have tried to make things a little better"

"I don't want to try, I never did, but now you're gonna make me feel bad if I don't" he pushed himself up and winced.

I smiled a little. "Exactly"

"Piss off" he grumbled and tried to get dressed.

Tried being the main word there. I helped him get dressed and got a sort of scowl in response. I held my hands up defensively since Maxxie apparently wanted to be Mr Independent and struggle to get things done on his own/

"Where're my painkillers?"

I handed them to him, watching as took them. I sat on the bed and quickly put my shoes on just as he grabbed his own shoes. It was painfully obvious that he needed help but he decided to try and put them on by himself anyway. I watched him for a little bit, trying not to giggle as he kicked them away and declared that he could walk barefoot instead. I rolled my eyes and knelt down, putting them on for him. I kissed his knee while I was there and he glared at me a little bit.

"Kissing my knee won't make me any happier about going"

I shrugged a little. "Thought you might enjoy it"

He huffed and I stood up.

"All set?"

"No. I'm not dead yet"

I rolled my eyes a little and he grumbled under his breath. I sighed a tiny bit and headed down to the car I rented. Well you didn’t think I was letting Maxxie walk round London all beaten up, did you? He followed me reluctantly and was silent the entire journey, staring out the window and generally acting like a moody teenager about it all.

So it came as no surprise that he refused to leave the car when I pulled up outside his parents’ house.

"It's just five minutes, Maxxie" I said, getting kind of frustrated with him.

He gestured at the driveway. "Don't you remember that car?"

I glanced at it. "Mmhm"

"So you'll remember that the man inside it happens to hate me with a passion?"

"You seem to forget that I work for a guy that hates me with a passion"

"I'm not going in there if he's in, Hadley"

"Well I am"


I got out of the car and saw him looking over at the house. I followed what he was looking at and saw what I assumed was his dad watching from a window. I headed for the door and Maxxie stayed put until I knocked on it. He hobbled over after a long pause and I smirked a little.

"Nice of you to join me"

He clenched his jaw a tiny bit and I knocked on the door again.

The End

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