Maxxie: Tough as nailsMature

"You okay?" he asks after a while. I nod slowly.

"Wondering how I can strangle Alex with one hand." He chuckles and I tighten my hold on him a little, hugging him a little closer.

"Don't strangle him, you'll upset Caleb." Do I look like I give a fuck if I upset Caleb? Alex fucking deserves it.

"Well he shouldn't have told you who they were, should he."

"To be honest, I would've just wandered around til I found them."

"You wouldn't have known who they were, though." And then you wouldn't have gotten yourself hurt.

"I would've asked around." I sigh, defeated. What's the point in arguing about it? It's done, I should just be happy he didn't get anything worse than some bruises. "What?"

"Nothing. I'm just glad you didn't get too badly hurt," I mutter, kissing him on the cheek.

"Tough as nails, me," he says with a smile. I hum. "Gonna say hi to your folks before you go?"

"I wasn't planning on it. But I get the feeling you're gonna tell me to."

"Yep." Of course you would.

"I don't want to," I whine.

"I'll get into more fights," he threatens and I pout. "No pouting." Think I stop pouting? Of course not. I just pout more. He turns it into a kissing opportunity. "Please go see your family."

"Why? My mum'll just freak out that I've discharged myself and be all weird now she knows I've proposed to you, and granddad won't be much better." If the old guy will talk to me at all. No doubt mum will tell him I've proposed and he'll either not talk to me or flip out or something.

"When did she find out?"

"She pestered me into telling her why I came over without telling them." He giggles and I scowl. It's not funny in any way at all. She nagged at me til I snapped and said I wanted an engagement ring and that I was gonna propose to Hadley at some point this year. But of course, I had to tell her I was gonna do it there and then, because knowing him, he would be panicking about why I came back, somehow convincing himself again that I don't wanna be with him, when it couldn't be more untrue.

Still, at least now it means that he will hopefully have no reason to doubt anything anymore.

"I dunno why you're laughing. She freaked out. I don't wanna go see them."

"Pwease," he breaks out the puppy eyes and I give him a blunt ‘no' in response. He gives me even more of the puppy eyes and I scowl. I didn't think it was possible for the puppy eyes to get any more puppyish, but they do.

"Hadley, what would I even say to her?"


"Yeah, and then?"

"I don't know. Let her shout about stuff for a while and just be nice back"

"Sounds like a perfect way to end my trip," I say kinda moodily. He huggles me a bit.

"I like your mom. And your grandpa." Yeah okay. That's fine. I don't. So don't make me fucking see them. Ever.

"Keep them. I don't want them," I say, earning myself a chuckle. "They might not be such big fans of you marrying me though."

"I don't care." Of course you don't. I say nothing, not wanting this to end up in an argument. He's perfectly happy to wait for me to speak, but I don't bother, because both of us will stick to our sides. Which is when he starts kissing me, trailing them down my neck and along my jaw. I let out a whine. That's not fair. "Please, Maxxie, just for five minutes." I scowl at him.

"Five minutes," I agree begrudgingly. Five minutes only. Not a second more. He kisses and thanks me. I grumble something under my breath about how I didn't make him see his mum when he didn't want to.

"That's different. She's not in a different country." That doesn't make any difference.

"Y'know I managed to go seven years without a word to my mum before Cayden came along," I remind him grumpily.

"Good thing he did, you met me cause of him." I hum in agreement. It is a good thing, but...

"Still not keen on the fact I have to talk to my mum because of you guys though." He gives me a huge grin.

"We're just that cool." I scowl a little and he replies with a peck on the lips. Still, five minutes to say good bye to my mum and then I can go home and forget about them. 


The End

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