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While Maxxie was out of it on morphine I thought over my phone call with Alex. I know I said I wouldn’t do anything stupid but they should at least get some kind of punishment.


"So you're not dead then? Where'd you vanish off to?" he asked once he’d answered the phone.



"Long story"


"...Later. So, listen, you know the guys that used to beat Maxxie up?"

"Yeah..." he said slowly.

"Can you remember their names?"

"Hadley, what happened?"

"They had a little run in..."

"Oh, Christ. Is he okay?"

"He's in the hospital but it's nothing too serious"

"So you're gonna go after them and get them back for it? It's noble, Hadley, but really not a good idea"

"I'm tougher than people give me credit for"

"I don't doubt it. I'm guessing Max told you not to bother"


"And you're not listening to him because...?"

"Because he's up to his eyeballs in morphine"

He sighed slightly. "I still don't think this is a good idea, Hads"

"I didn't think you would but I really need to do this"

He was quiet for a couple of minutes. "Fine. Max will kill us both for this, but if you wanna risk that..."

"I'm willing to"

"Kay" he said and gave me their names, along with a vague idea of where I might find them.

"Thanks, Alex. I owe you one"

"Mhm. Give Max a hug from me" he said and hung up.


I was just planning the best way of finding those bastards when a nurse came into check on Maxxie and to kick me out because visiting hours were over. I kissed Maxxie one final time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, beautiful”

He kissed back as best as he could. “Don’t go picking any fights, ‘kay?”

“I won’t” I smiled to cover up the lie.

“Love you” he smiled back.

I blew him a kiss, hearing him sigh as I left.


There they were. The assholes that put my beautiful fiancé in hospital. I’d been wandering around Islington trying to find them, kind of glad that Alex vaguely mentioned what they looked like, and there they were. I marched over to them, my hands already balled into fists. "You guys know Max Fuller, right?"

One of them laughed. "The stupid blonde fag?" he nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Oh, no reason" I said and punched him right in the fucking nose.

The other two launched themselves at me. I kicked one in the stomach and bit the other. I felt a fist collide with the side of my head and another dangerously close to my groin. I sort of growled and kicked one of them in the balls. He staggered off and I smirked a little. One of them held me down and the one I punched in the nose kicked me. I sort of managed to wriggle free and jumped on the back of the one that’d been holding me down. I hooked an arm round his throat and squeezed. He tried to get me off him but I just squeezed tighter. The other one joined in with trying to get me off and I sort of slapped him. The one I was holding took his chance and turned around. The other one grabbed my waist and pulled. I turned around and best I could and clung onto him. I headbutted him and he cried out but didn’t loosen his grip. I giggled a tiny bit and kissed his forehead.

"Ew! Fucking fag!" he shouted and punched me in the face.

I spat in his eye and jumped down. The one who’s back I was on spun round and punched me in the side. I grabbed his wrist, ignoring the dull throb in my side, and twisted it.

"I should do what you did to him" I growled.

He kneed me in the stomach. I winced but didn’t let go, twisting more. The other one grabbed my arm and tried to pull me off.

"You'll get your turn, cutie" I said, twisting even more.

He kicked the back of my knees and I landed on them. My fall twisted the guy’s wrist enough to snap it and he staggered back, cradling his wrist. The other guy pushed me down on the floor. I tried to get back up but he slammed me back down. I glared at him and he grabbed my throat, pinning me down. He punched me with his free hand and I tried to shake him off. The guy who’s balls I kicked had recovered and pulled the other guy off me.

"It's not fucking worth it"

I sat up and spat out some blood, hoping I hadn’t lost any teeth. The guy who I kicked dragged the other two away and I stood up. They got what they fucking deserved. And the best part? My engagement ring didn’t even get a dent in it. Score.

The End

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