Maxxie: Don't bother.Mature

So there it is; I managed to put my fear of it being too soon aside and just asked the guy to marry me. The only real downsides to this are that I'm currently in a hospital bed, in the wrong country, and my mum is just down the hall, probably waiting for me to "wake up".

Oh, and proposing from a hospital bed isn't really that romantic.

In fact, the amount of bad things about this should outweigh the good things, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about this right now.

Y'know, I think that might be the morphine. I can't tell.

"Maxxie... The guys that beat you up... Do you remember any of their names?" I shake my head, ignoring the flare of pain that breaks through the painkiller haze. I don't like the thoughtful face that creeps onto his face.

"No, Hadley, don't go after them," I half mumble, half moan at him. He kisses my temple and I lean my head on his shoulder. Alex would know who they were, though. I mean, they were in his year. Hadley's quiet, still kinda thoughtful and I sigh. "Please, Bunny, don't bother."

"I won't." I close my eyes, unable to tell if he means it or not. I'm just gonna hope for the best. I feel him kiss the top of my head.

"I'm just gonna go get a coffee, kay?"

"No, stay here," I whine quietly. I think that nurse upped my morphine dose a bit too much.

"I'll be back before you know it." I'm too sleepy to argue and don't say anything, though I really don't want to fall asleep on my own. He goes off to get his coffee and while he's gone, I drift off into a sort of half sleep. It's not really sleep, it's just that I'm too drowsy to keep my eyes open any more.

When I sort of wake back up, Hadley's sat in the chair by the bed with his coffee and a smile on his face. He moves back over to sit with me and I hum slightly, leaning on him. He puts an arm around me and I snuggle up as best as I can, though it's not as much as I'd like. Fucking collar bone can go piss off for all I care. I want to snuggle, not be reminded why I'm in a hospital bed.

"Don't hurt yourself even more."

"I won't hurt myself," I mumble, not even really sure of what I'm saying. He kisses my cheek, but everything feels so detached that he could've slapped me and I wouldn't really have noticed. "I dun like morphine." He giggles and I whine, earning myself a kiss.

"It's doing you good, gorgeous."

"Nuh." If it hadn't been for whoever called the ambulance, I'd have fucking gotten up and staggered off. I wouldn't have missed my fucking flight.

Okay, so maybe I wouldn't have gotten very far, but I'd have tried at least. And now if I try to leave, I won't even get down the end of the ward.

"So you'd rather be in pain?"

"It's not like I haven't been beaten up before," I grumble. I'd rather be in pain and be able to feel you kissing me. He sort of shushes me and plants another kiss on my lips. I bury my head in his neck and hug him, listening to him hum as he hugs me back. I stay like that for a while, feeling sleep creeping back. Even though I get the impression that Hadley wouldn't mind if I fell asleep, I try to stay awake anyways. He kisses my temple.

"Go to sleep."

When that nurse comes back, I'm going to slap her.

If I'm awake enough. 


The End

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