Hadley: Wait, what?Mature

I stayed cuddling Maxxie and intended to stay there for as long as I could. Honestly, I half expected the end of visiting hours to just sneak up on me any second, even though I’d only been there a couple hours. Maxxie kissed my neck making me hum. I sort of saw his mom come in and nudged him gently since he didn’t seem to have noticed her. He looked up and straight back down as his mom walked in looking vaguely traumatised.

"Hey, Mrs F" I said, smiling slightly.

She sort of acknowledged me but was ultimately too focused on Maxxie. "Max! What happened?"

Maxxie rested his head on my shoulder. "What does it look like?"

I stroked his hair a little bit. I’m not really sure why. I think it was like my way of saying ‘I know you’re in pain and you want to be bitchy, but be nice’.

"Why didn't you tell us you were here?" she asked.

I arched an eyebrow at that. They didn’t know he was there?

He shrugged a little and said dully "Ow"

Momma looked kind of concerned. "When did you even get back home?"

Maxxie didn’t say anything and arched my eyebrow even more. They didn’t even know he was in the country so what was he doing here...? Was I right to have been suspicious? I mean, I know I was suspicious because he hadn’t come back but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t... I don’t even know.

"Few days ago" he mumbled.

"And you didn't think that we might like to see you?" Momma said, sounding kind of upset.

"Hey, I just got the shit beat out of me and you're more worried about why I didn't wanna come see you?" Maxxie said, putting on the bitch face.

"I... I thought you were coming over to see them?" I said, confused.

"Hadley, can you do me a favour? Go back to my hotel room and get my suitcase. Just zip it up and bring it over for me, yeah?"

"Uh...sure" I said, still confused.

He pecked me on the cheek and I smiled even though I was sort of freaking out and thinking up all the reasons he’d lie to me about going to England. He smiled back and I went off to get it. What if he was seeing someone else? I mean, what if he’d met someone when we were over here last? I was practically hyperventilating by the time I got to the hotel room. The temptation to go through his suitcase instead of just bringing it to him was there. And I almost gave into it. But I still trusted Maxxie even if something weird was going on.


"What d'you want it for anyway?" I said once I was back at the hospital.

Momma must’ve been in a waiting room or something since she wasn’t there. Maxxie probably told her to piss off, knowing him.

"Put it here" he said, pointing at a space on the bed.

I put it down and he opened it, pulling something out and holding it so I couldn’t see it before pushing the case away. I watched all this with a curious look on my face.

"Case, floor. You, here"

I did as he said, perching on the bed.

"This... well, let's just say this isn't quite how or where I imagined doing this" he stopped hiding whatever it was he’d pulled out of his suitcase. It was a ring box. He just about managed to open it with one hand and said "Hadley, will you marry me?"

Wait, what? No really, what? I mean... And... Excuse me while I like go and faint, okay? He wants to marry me. I mean, I know I found out at Christmas and all but he chickened out... I’d put it out of my mind since I wasn’t expecting him to ask til at least the summer or something. Oh my God. Maxxie looked a little nervous and I realised I hadn’t given him an answer yet.

I grinned. "Of course I will, you dork"

The look of relief that washed across his face was actually quite adorable. He got the ring out of the box and slid it onto my finger. I grinned ever more, kissing him.

He kissed back and chuckled slightly. "That was why I came over here"

I chuckled as well and hugged him tight, momentarily forgetting that he was lying bruised and broken in a hospital bed.

"I was hardly gonna come over and see my family without a month of nagging first, was I?" he said, hugging back and I giggled.

"You did a pretty good job of convincing me"

He grinned. "Guess my acting skills haven't totally gone to shit then"

I kissed him again, smiling as he kissed back.

“I love you so much” I said, smiling even more.

"I love you too" he squeezed me a little and smiled. "I got the inside of it engraved, by the way"

"What does it say? I don't wanna take it off" I said, blushing a teeny tiny little bit.

He chuckled a teeny bit. "It says 'my heart, forever yours'"

I giggled a little and huggled him some more.

He kissed the top of my head and smiled as he said "It might be cheesy, but it's fucking true"

I smiled back and kissed his neck. He tilted his head and I kissed him some more before admiring the ring on my finger.

A nurse came over to check on Maxxie who didn’t look too impressed about me sitting on the bed. I felt kind of guilty and Maxxie just scowled a lot.

"Sorry" I sort of mumbled and Maxxie hugged me a little tighter.

I hummed and kissed his neck again.

The nurse glared at us a little bit. "Your mother asked to come in and see you again"

"Well tell her I've fallen asleep" Maxxie said, kind of distracted by me.

I tutted a little bit at him not wanting to see his mom.

"Hey, if you're allowed to refuse to say goodbye to your mum, I'm allowed to not want to see mine just after I proposed to you" he said kind of grumpily and I giggled.

"You're impossible"

He grinned and the nurse disappeared, hopefully to tell his mom that he was asleep. I sighed contentedly and all was quiet for a while.

"Now I dunno what to get you for your birthday" Maxxie said and I smiled.

"I don't care what you get me. As long as it's from you I'll be happy"

He chuckled a little like I was joking.

"I'm serious, Cinderella. You could get me a ball of string and I'd keep it forever"

He pecked me on the cheek. "I think I can do better than a ball of string"

"   Two     balls of string?" I said innocently.

"Now the surprise is ruined" he giggled and I giggled as well.

"Told you you were adorable"

He hummed and I smiled, stroking his cheek again and sort of brushing my ring against his skin. Y’know, I should really find out who put my beautiful fiancé in hospital and make them pay.

The End

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