Maxxie: going somewhere?Mature

"Maxxie, you're making the table wobble," Alex says bluntly. Y'know how when you're feeling fidgety and you can't keep still so you end up shaking your leg? Yeah. I stop it for a few seconds, but I know I'll only end up doing it again in a minute or so. "And yeah, sure I'll check in on Hadley while you're away. I'll drag Caleb over to see him," he smiles and I nod, drinking some of my coffee.

"Yeah, they've not really seen much of each other lately," I mutter over the edge of my mug.

"So why're you going over anyways? Can't you take him with you?"

"Just family stuff, but you know what my parents are like," I shrug, "last few times I've been over, it's just ended in tears. I don't wanna drag him through that when he's s'posed to be catching up on course material for college." He sort of nods to himself thoughtfully with a look on his face that says he totally doesn't believe me.

"And the real reason?"

"That is the real reason, Lex. And your boyfriend is doing a horrible job of hiding." He looks surprised and twists round to see Caleb attempting to hide behind a newspaper like he and Hadley did before. "Unobservant old man is old and unobservant," I chuckle. He flashes me a glare and I smile sweetly. Caleb, on the other hand, is still pretending like he hasn't been seen.

"You can stop hiding, Caleb," Alex says, amused.

"Are you talking to me, sir?" the ginger asks in a bad foreign accent. Me and Alex just sit there trying not to laugh. "Dude, you shouldn't laugh at strangers," he says, dropping the accent.

"But you're not a stranger, babe," Alex grins.

"Yeah I am. I'm not Caleb. I'm, uh... Caleb's evil twin."

"Ah, well then you won't mind if I take Maxxie someplace else," he smile, pulling me up with him as he stands.

"...Sure. Doesn't bother me."

"Alright then," he nods, taking my hand, "I'll let Caleb know you were around," he begins to walk off, dragging me with him away from my coffee. I look around and see Caleb sulking. Alex glances back too and Caleb's sulky face gets sulkier than I'd have thought it could get. "Well I want Caleb, not his evil twin."

"But I am Caleb."

"Not what you said, doll." Caleb crosses his arms and pouts. Alex waits for him to catch up with us, earning himself a fake punch on the arm. He lets go of my hand to rub his arm and give Caleb a hurt face.

"You deserve it," Caleb says, trying not to giggle, but he can't hold it back when Alex pouts.

"'Kay, well thanks for agreeing to go see Hadley while I'm away," I mutter, edging away a little in the hopes that I might get away without having to tell Alex why I'm going, "see ya." I turn to walk away, but Alex - of course - grabs my arm and stops me from getting very far.

"Nuh. Not without the real reason you're going."

"I gave you the real reason."

Caleb cuts in with this shocked expression on his face, "Did you get him pregnant? And now you have to go see some man-preggo specialist back in London but Hadley's too pregnant to make the flight?"

"Yep, that's totally it," I nod, trying to get Alex to let go of me.

"Oh my God, for serious? Like seriously?" he asks, amazed.

"Uh huh," Alex, let go of me, "I gotta get back to him and the bump now." He laughs and then sort of realises I'm lying. Oh dear god. And our future is in the hands of people like this?

"Dude, don't build my hopes up that my best buddy's some internally mutated freak." Alex pats him on the head and he sniffles. "I only wanted him to have one teeny tiny little mutation."

"Isn't he short enough for it to be a teeny tiny little mutation, then?" I chuckle slightly,still trying to pry Alex's hand off my arm.

"Yeah but that's not an internal thing." He notices that I'm trying to get away. "Going somewhere?"


The End

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