Hadley: One Big HickeyMature

He nodded and I helped him pack some stuff away. He got up after a while and slunk off to the kitchen. Dude, I said I’d help, not do it for you. I heard him cooking something and shook my head, smiling a little. I looked over what I’d packed and pulled a couple shirts out of the suitcase. I changed my mind; they were mine to cuddle while he was gone. Maxxie came back in after a while with two plates of carbonara.

I giggled. “Please tell me there’s a line between eating and fucking”

“Depends what’s being eaten” he giggled as well. “Can’t say I’ve ever tried carbonara and sex”

The look on his face said he was either considering it or pretending to. I felt my own face twist into an expression of horror.

“Don’t you dare”

He laughed and gave me an innocent look. “But that just makes it even more tempting”

I still had that horrified look on my face and he just leant over and kissed me. “You’re safe” he said, smiling a little evilly, “For now”

“I suddenly regret your Christmas present”

He started eating his carbonara and said casually “It’s much more fun with squirty cream”

I felt myself turn bright red at that. I could practically see the glow radiating off my cheeks. He giggled and I just knew he was picturing me and squirty cream in God knows what kind of situation. I started eating my carbonara to try and distract myself from it all. Maxxie giggled again and I felt myself turn even redder. He grinned and I let out a tiny whine.

“Stop it”

He chuckled. “Sorry”

“You can picture the cream, just not me”

“Well who else am I s’posed to picture it on?”

“A sundae”

He pouted and I groaned.


He giggled. “Y’know I was joking, right?”

“Yeah but I don’t trust you”

He gave me the puppy dog eye treatment. “How can you not trust this face?”

“Because it’s too cute”

He made his lower lip tremble and I prodded it gently. Yeah, he just licked my finger.


“Nom” he said and sucked on my finger. I blushed a teeny bit, remembering what happened last time that happened, and he let go with a giggle. I wiped his spit on his cheek and he wrinkled his nose up. He started eating his carbonara again, as did I.

“Is it better than last time?”

I smiled. “It’s just as awesome as last time”

He looked a little unsure and I chuckled.

“Why are you so convinced you can’t cook like at all?”

“Because usually things just burn, or explode, or go wrong”

“Well at least you’ve mastered this” I said with a smile.

He smiled back and I leant on him a little. He put his plate down and wrapped an arm around me. I shut my eyes as a reflex more than anything even though I hadn’t finished eating. He kissed my cheek and I hummed, leaning on him a little more.  Maxxie went back to eating, still hugging me. I, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to reach over and grab my plate. Plus I didn’t want to open my eyes. I guess Maxxie finished his because I felt him reach over me. I opened an eye and saw him eating off my plate

"I think you'll find that's still mine"

"Are you gonna eat it?"



"Whether I can be bothered to move"

"Can you?"

"Well, probably not. But in case you didn't notice, I don't have arms" I giggled.

"Oh no. Does the Bunny boy want feeding?"

I nodded, pulling my face into an innocent expression. He fed me some of the carbonara and I let out a gasp.


"It's a miracle, your carbonara made me grow arms" I said, holding out my arms like they were shiny new toys.

He giggled and I grinned.

"Does that mean I can finish this?" he asked, nomming a bit more of my carbonara.

I let out a dramatic sigh. "If you really want"

Maxxie shared it with me and I ate a little more. To be honest, I wasn’t all that hungry.

"There's more in the kitchen if you want it later" he said once the last of it was gone and huggled me.

I huggled back and mumbled quietly. "Only if you feed it to me”

"'Kay" he hummed.

I smiled and kissed his neck. He tilted his head, making it easier for me to reach the more obvious spots. I kissed some more and considered giving him a hickey. Oh c’mon, you should know hickeys are practically a weekly thing by now. He pouted a little and I smirked.

"You didn't mind when I gave you that one" I said, prodding the beast of a hickey I gave him last night gently.

"My neck's just gonna be one big hickey at this rate"

I kissed his neck again, choosing my spot. "If that happens you can give me as many hickeys as you want"

He smiled slightly and I giggled, giving him a hickey dangerously close to his jaw. What? I want people to see it and know he’s taken. He didn’t really complain and I kissed it before nuzzling his neck where it joined his shoulder. He cuddled me and I hummed, pressing myself as close to him as possible. He rested his head on top of mine and I hummed again, hugging his hips. Something told me he was quite happy just to stay put and to be honest, I didn’t really mind what we did. Okay, maybe I had a slight idea of what I would’ve liked to do...

The End

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