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About an hour later, Mom asked me to help her with something in the kitchen. I reluctantly untangled myself from Maxxie and trudged off into the kitchen after her. I wasn’t sure what she wanted help with since nothing actually needed doing out there but she stood there drying some already dry dishes anyway. I was just about to ask what it was she’d wanted me to do when she spoke.

“When are you gonna snap out of this, Hadley?”

“What?” I asked with a kind of confused little chuckle.

“All of this. You and Maxxie. I want to know when you’re gonna snap out of it and-”

“What do you mean “snap out if it”? There’s nothing to snap out of”

“Yes there is, Hadley!” she snapped. “This is your brother, not you”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “So having one boyfriend instantly makes me a whore...” Yeah, I felt bad for calling Cayden a whore but it’s kind of the truth.

“That’s just it! Boyfriend. You’ve never been interested in blokes til Cayden came to visit with him” Mom said, no doubt trying to stay calm. And if she wasn’t, I fucking was.

“I’d never been interested in anyone til I met Maxxie”

“All this is immature, Hadley. You’re nineteen, not nine”

“You know what is fucking immature? Your inability to process that the dorky English guy sat on your couch right now is the love of my life! What’s so different about me liking a guy, huh? It never fucking bothered you when John and Cayden were sat on the couch with their tongues down each other’s throats” I shouted.

“That’s because Cayden was always different!” she shouted back.

“Oh, so just because I’m not “different” means I don’t know who the fuck I love”

“You’re young. You’re just going through a phase”

“I’m not going through a phase, Mom”

Mom opened her mouth to shout something back when Maxxie walked into the room. I didn’t miss the glare Mom sent in his direction and had to fight back the urge to slap her. I seriously would have just fucking slapped her right then and there.

“Everyone can hear you” Maxxie said and Mom just kept glaring at him, “So my suggestion would be that you stop yelling at each other. Oh and the glaring. Yeah, not so endearing. Anyone'd think the wind had changed direction and your face had frozen like that"

"I knew you were no good. From the first time I met you, I knew there was something not right about you" Mom said.

"Like what?"

"Like the fact that you've fucked up both my sons"

"How've I fucked up Hadley?"

"He was never like    this     before you showed up" she said, glaring again.

"What? Happy?"

"He    was     happy"

Is she serious? Wait, she actually thought I was happy before I met Maxxie? Jesus Christ, woman, how fucking stupid are you?

Maxxie laughed slightly. "That wasn't the impression I got when I first met him"

"It's pretty obvious what "impression" you got" Mom muttered.


"Why couldn't you have just stuck with Cayden?" she snapped at him a little.

"Stick with a guy after he cheats on me? I'm sorry, but I can't see it working out after that. Even if I'd stuck with him, I'd always be doubting the relationship, wondering how long it'd be til the next time. It would've been so much more messy that way"

"It's no less than you deserve"

"And what about Cay? D'you think it would've made it all better if we'd just stuck with a shitty relationship and then totally fall out?"

"It would've been better than you turning him into even more of a useless little fuck up!"

Maxxie was trying to stay calm at this point. He was doing better than me. I’d shoved my hands in my pockets so I couldn’t slap my bitch of a Mom. "So I'm responsible for him grieving over his friend's death and all the rest of it am I? It's got absolutely nothing to do with the way you keep beating him down and making him feel even worse about it all?"

"It's called tough love, you'd know about it if you had kids" she said before muttering under her breath "Which I'm not getting my hopes up for"

"That's not tough love, it just makes people feel like shit. And just for the record, it's not impossible to adopt or some other alternative, y'know"

"I feel sorry for any kid you ever have"

Maxxie crossed his arms and sighed a little irritably. "And why's that?"

"Well, you seem to have a talent for fucking people up so I guess it's pretty obvious, really"

"Let's just say for a moment that Cayden's state of mind is entirely down to me and nothing else; even then, he is the only person I've ever fucked up. So no, it's not that obvious"

"Are we ignoring the fact that you've taken my little boy and turned him into something he's not?"

"What the fuck are you even talking about? I haven't been a little boy since I was like nine and guess what, I've grown up since then" I said kind of harshly.

"I don't believe this" Maxxie laughed incredulously. "Hadley's attraction to me is my fault?"

"Most likely" Mom sort of glared at him.

Maxxie arched an eyebrow. "I fail to understand that logic. How am I supposed to help who is and who isn't attracted to me?"

"By staying away from them!" Mom snapped.

Maxxie’s jaw clenched. "I pretty much    did     stay away from Hadley when I met him until Cay cheated on me. It didn't seem to stop him from liking me!"

"Funny, whenever I looked round I always seemed to see the two of you talking"

"What d'you expect me to do when Cayden and John were all over each other under my fucking nose?"

"I expected you to stay away from my son"

"Why? He was the only other person that would talk to me"

"I don't care. You should've stayed away from him and then none of this would've happened"

Maxxie shook his head. "This is just ridiculous. You're being completely irrational and you're going to do my head in"

"You think all this is easy for me?"

"No, of course not, but you're only making it harder by flipping out and yelling at everyone"

"Oh so you'd prefer it if I just yelled at you instead?" Oh God. Brace yourself, Maxxie.

"Not really but if it stops you falling out with everyone else then fine"

"Stop being such a drama queen, Mom" I snapped but Mom just ignored me.

"You're nothing but a fucking whore who ruined one of my son's lives and will no doubt ruin the other's as well! I don't ever want to see you again and frankly, you're not welcome in this house anymore"

I felt my jaw clench. If Maxxie isn’t welcome in this house then neither am I.

Maxxie was pissed off. He glanced at me and I could tell he was trying not to be pissed off. “I'm not fucking going anywhere. I don't care if I have to stay in Hadley's room, I'm not gonna make him choose between me and his family"

"Get out of my house. Now" Mom said icily.

Before Maxxie had a chance to say anything back, I grabbed his hand and stormed out to the car.

"Where're we going?" Maxxie asked.

"Anywhere" I said, sliding into the driver’s seat.

"Why? No! You need to stay with Ava, you've not seen her in forever"

"I can come back and see her. Are you getting in or not?" I said, feeling my grip on the steering while tighten as I tried not to get even more pissed off at Mom.

Maxxie got in and I ended up driving to that motel. Maxxie paid for a room and I shoved him down on the bed the second the door was shut. I kissed him extremely fucking hard and he kissed back. I stopped kissing all of a sudden.

"Let's cut to the chase. I'm pissed off and a little bit horny. I want it hard and I want it fucking rough" I said a little huskily.

Maxxie stripped me and I kissed him just as hard again. He kissed back hard and unbuttoned his shirt. Takes too fucking long, man. I ripped open the last few buttons and he pulled his jeans off. I grinded my hips into his the second his jeans were out of the picture and he groaned, grabbing my hips hard. I kissed and sort of bit at his neck but he just gave a kind of moan in response. I gave him the mother of all hickeys, biting a lot more than I’d intended to.

"Fuck" he mumbled and pulled my hips against his.

I moaned and kissed him fucking hard again. He tried to match it but kinda let me take control. That’s no good, Maxxie.

I pulled back, a little out of breath, and said huskily "Fuck me"

Maxxie pulled his boxers off and pushed me down on the bed. He wasted very little time lubing up, if you know what I mean, and I lay there being more than a little impatient and a little out of breath. He pushed in and I moaned, attacking his lips with mine fiercely. I let out another moan with each thrust because fuck, it felt good. I felt my nails dig into Maxxie’s back but I don’t think he really cared. He sped up and I scratched down his back a little, barely managing to get a decent breath in. I rolled my hips to meet each thrust, grinning at the moans it elicited. I kissed him again, moaning into his mouth as his hand snaked down to my dick. I barely knew what the fuck was going on by the time I came, only that that was fucking awesome. Maxxie collapsed onto the bed beside me once he was done, breathing just as heavily as me. I smiled and sort of rested my head on his shoulder. That was seriously fucking awesome.

The End

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