Maxxie: family stuff.Mature

I stand there with a glass of water, leaning on the counter, just staring at the floor, trying to clear my head. Apparently I stand there for too long, because Hadley ends up coming in as well. He's got this sort of worried look on his face.

"What's up?"

"Nothing," I shrug. I mean, it's not strictly true, but I can hardly ask ‘does Cayden normally hug Ava like that?' or ‘does your mum usually look away when one of her kids kiss their boyfriend?' can I?

"Tell me."

"It's nothing. I think I'm just ready to go home now," I say with a tiny smile.

"We can go tomorrow, if you want," he tells me, but he doesn't look entirely convinced.

"It's up to you, Bunny," I reply, putting my drink down on the side.

"I don't like making decisions."

"I know, but it's your family. I don't wanna take you back home if you want to stay with them."

He sighs a little, "Can we go back but like kidnap Ava and Ryan?"

"Why d'you want to kidnap them?"

"Cause I never see them."

"Well you could try, but good luck getting Ava away from Cay." He laughs a little and I smile slightly. "We can stay as long as you want, Bunny boy, just don't expect me to stay indoors all the time."

"No smoking." Yeah, yeah. The moment I'm out of sight of the house and on my own, there shall be much nicotine to catch up on.

"I promise, no smoking." He smiles.

"Good. Maybe we can stop by the tree house." I nod and wrap my arms around his waist, linking my hands in the small of his back so that he's kind of pulled against me.

"Hadley, what would you say if I said I needed to go back to London for a few days?"

"I'd say it's fine," he smiles, putting his arms around my neck.

"On my own?"

"It's fine," he says landing a kiss on my lips, and I kiss back. "What're you going for anyway?" he asks, cuddling me a bit.

"Family stuff. It'll get messy, there's no point in dragging you into it all." He hums a little and I huggle him, smiling to myself as he huggles back. Well at least he seems to believe that. I hope he does, anyways. Neither of us are especially willing to go back to the living room, so we stand there like that for a while.

And then Momma Smith comes in, sort of glaring at me. I pretend not to notice, and Hadley, oblivious to the muted death glare I'm receiving from his mother, huggles me a bit tighter. She flashes me another glare. I glance at her, feeling the mood to just pick a fight with her over it rising and look at the floor.

"Don't mind me, you just carry on," she sort of mumbles and I sigh, letting go of him, raising my hands in defeat. Hadley looks confused and Momma gets herself a glass of water. I feel my jaw clench as she hangs around long enough for Ava to shout at her to get something to eat. I try to subtly link my hands in the small of his back again. Hadley, bless him, still looks confused. And Momma's attempting to not glare at me again.

She's kinda failing.

I'm just about managing to not glower right back at her. It's getting kinda tough, though. I've spent too long being glared at the last few days. There's only so much a guy can take.

"You want anything to eat, Hadley?" she asks.

"No thanks," he replies, still looking a little bit confused. "You want anything?" he asks me, earning a tiny glare from Momma. I shake my head.

"No, I'm alright, thanks," I mutter.

"Sure?" he gives me this adorable kind of worried face.

"What's that face for?" I smile slightly, "I'm sure."

He sighs a little, "Nothing. I just swear you haven't eaten anything all day." I haven't, and the fact that my stomach is probably gonna rumble any second just to prove it doesn't help.

"I'll be alright. If I get hungry, I can always make myself something, if I need to."

"With your ‘terrible cooking skills'?" he giggles.

"Who said I was cooking?" I smile. He smiles, giggling again and Momma looks like she's about done with making Ava's snack or whatever it is she was making. I just stand there trying to make it less obvious that I'm waiting for her to leave and give us back what little privacy we had out here.

"Excuse me," she says kinda pushing through us like she can't go around us or something.

Guess I failed at making it look like I wasn't waiting for her to go. 


The End

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