Cayden: A Couple DaysMature


 The second Ava told me Maxxie had been planning on proposing to Hadley, she realised her mistake. She gave me a tiny little apology before Hadley walked into the kitchen and I left Ava to finish making her sandwich. I’m not sure what in fuck’s name made me go and talk to Maxxie about it. I mean, he wanted to ask my little bro to marry him, I don’t think there’s any chance of me winning him back now. I didn’t really blame him for being silently doubtful about Mom and Dad not killing him for finding out. I could remember how they reacted when I told them I wanted to marry John but then again, I was like thirteen at the time.

I squeezed him gently. "Just don't worry about it too much. Otherwise Hadley'll think something's wrong and we all know how irrational he gets when he thinks there's something wrong" I chuckled a teeny bit.

"Yeah" he smiled slightly and I smiled back. "I'd probably worry less if Ava hadn't said anything to anyone" he laughed weakly and I chuckled.

"We've all learnt not to tell her stuff"

"Yeah well I won't be making that mistake again"

I kissed his temple. "Well, I think she's stolen your boyfriend for now so I'm afraid I have to leave you here on your own"

“Where're you going?" he pouted.

"Nowhere" I said, getting up.

Maxxie lay back down and sighed. "Suit yourself"

I laughed a little. "Didn't know you loved me so much" Cayden, you might as well have just punched yourself in the heart.

"Well I'd rather you stayed, but I can hardly make you, can I"

I smiled. "I'm not leaving forever, more like five minutes"

"I'll hold you to that" he chuckled and I left without another word.

Destination: the Ocala household.


How did I fucking let this happen again? I went to John’s place just to check up on the guy and make sure he was doing okay and the next thing I know, we’re in bed together. I tugged on my hair as I waited for John to wake up. The guy had pretty much fallen asleep the second we were done. He’d looked exhausted when he opened the front door so I could only guess the nightmares were back. I didn’t want him to wake up on his own, even if it being there would be extremely fucking awkward. And I know I promised Maxxie I’d only be five minutes but at least fucking John made me forget about Max for a few measly seconds. John woke up after a while and glanced up at me.

“Thanks” he mumbled before falling asleep again.

I got dressed and left with one final glance back at him.


The first thing I saw when I walked through the front door was Max and Hadley all snuggled up on the couch. I bit back a sigh and tried to slip past them unnoticed and head straight for one of Dad’s beers but I didn’t have such luck. Of course he noticed me. I pretended like I didn’t know he’d noticed me but once again, I’m not that lucky, am I?

"Five minutes, you said. Where'd you go?" he asked.

"Like I said, nowhere"

He flashed me a disbelieving look but I just shrugged it off, going to get that beer I wanted. I heard him sigh and went back into the living room with my beer, sitting in one of the armchairs. I noticed Maxxie glance over at me occasionally.


He shrugged. Helpful. I started flicking through channels on TV trying to find something that wasn’t Christmassy. Good luck on that one, Cayden. Maxxie looked at the TV but he wasn’t really paying attention.

I sighed. "There's never anything on this time of year"

He still wasn’t really paying attention so I chugged the rest of my beer. Maxxie closed his eyes and Hadley prodded him a tiny bit. Maxxie groaned a little and Hadley faked a pout.

"Am I boring you?"

"No, m'tired" Maxxie mumbled.

"S'your own fault"


Hadley kissed his cheek and Maxxie snuggled up to him even more. I felt sick watching them. I stood and headed for the stairs, seeing Maxxie sort of half watch me and sigh a tiny bt.

"Dude, I just need to pee"

Maxxie closed his eyes again and I went upstairs to pee. In other words, I curled up on my bed and waited til Ava found me. She wrapped me in a hug and stroked my hair a little bit as I tried not to let myself cry. Or throw up.

“When are you guys leaving?” I asked quietly.

“In a couple days”

I tightened my hold on her a little more. “I’m coming too”

The End

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