Maxxie: doing it all wrongMature

Oh. My. God.

I'm going to kill Ava.


Hadley doesn't exactly seem upset by the fact his boyfriend is a total wuss, at least. I wish I could say that stops me being hideously embarrassed, but it really doesn't. I should've made Ava swear to secrecy or something.

At that point, Hadley's stomach rumbles while we're still huggling on the sofa.

"Go get something to eat," I say with a slight smile. He pecks me on the lips and I kiss back.

"Won't be long." I nod and he goes off to get something to eat. Which is when Cay returns to the living room, just as I'm lying down, stretching out across the sofa and wishing I was back in bed again.

"Your feet seem to be where my ass is s'posed to go," he chuckles and I bend my legs, moving my feet out of the way. He sits and I smile.

He smiles back. "Ava tells me you were gonna propose." I sit bolt upright, horrified.

"What?" he looks a bit confused, probably because of the look of horror on my face.

"Ava told me you were gonna propose to Hadley."

"Why is she telling everyone?" I whine, feeling my face heating up all over again. I don't care if she is hormonal, why would she tell Cayden? Or Hadley, for that matter.

He lets out a laugh. "Dude, she told me and Hadley. And maybe Ryan..." Groaning, I flop back, hitting my head a little too hard on the arm of the sofa. I wince but otherwise ignore it, too busy wishing that the floor would open up and eat me.

"I think it's cute," he smiles.

"What, that I was gonna propose, or that I totally chickened out?"

"Both." I just groan again, unable to think of anything to say to that. Well what is there to say to that? He laughs a little and I prod him with my toe.

"Dun laugh. Not funny."

"It's kinda funny," he says and my eyes widen a little. I fail to see how this humiliation is funny. Or maybe my sense of humour has gone on holiday.

"How?!" he shrugs.

"Just is. What made you chicken out anyway?"

"Ask Ava, since she's feeling so generous with stuff I've told her." I feel the bitchface coming on. He prods me. I just scowl. He gives me this sort of fake hurt face.

"What do you want me to say? I walked in the jewellery store, took one look and walked straight back out, ‘cause I knew I was doing it all wrong."

"How were you doing it all wrong?"

"Who goes to a jewellery store for an engagement ring for a guy?" I ask incredulously.

"Well obviously someone who needs to buy an engagement ring for a guy." I resist the urge to roll my eyes, closing them instead.

"There weren't any there. I found a site online but the jeweller's is in London," I sigh slightly.

"You could always go over there and get it."

"And face my family?" I laugh weakly, "even if I said nothing, my granddad would still find out somehow. Can you imagine the reason for my visit going down at all well?" ‘cause I don't think it would. Sure my granddad's fine with me being gay. Doesn't mean he approves of gay marriage. And can you imagine my dad finding out his son's marrying another man? He'd probably hunt me down and shoot me. Cay shrugs a little and I sigh.

"They like Hadley, right?"

"Granddad does, but y'know that my mum would still rather I was a hetero guy," I say, I'll admit, kinda sulkily.

"You care too much about what they think." He holds out an arm for a hug when I continue to sulk. I accept the hug. "They'll be happy for you. And if not, who cares what they think?"

"I don't care what my parents think, but granddad won't be best pleased about it. I don't really want to lose the only family that stuck by me," I mumble with another sigh.

"Why wouldn't he be happy for you?"

"He doesn't approve of gay marriage. Never has." He hugs me a tiny bit more and I rest my chin on his shoulder.

"Y'never know, he might change his mind," he tells me and I hold back a bitter laugh. I doubt it. "C'mon, Max, I'm being optimistic. That never happens." I smile slightly.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks. I'm still busy being embarrassed that Ava felt the need to tell you all that I was gonna propose at all." He chuckles.

"If it helps, I know she won't tell Mom and Dad." Yeah, well Momma Smith has only just started getting over the fact I'm with Hadley, I think they'd probably castrate me if they found out. I groan and bury my head in his shoulder.

"They'd kill me if they knew."

"They wouldn't," he laughs. Why do I not believe him?


The End

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