Hadley: My Lips Are SealedMature

I fell back on the bed, trying to catch my breath. Maxxie was breathing hard and cuddled me a little even though neither of us could really breathe properly.

 "Breaking the rules is awesome" I said a little breathlessly and he hummed in agreement.

I stayed snuggled up with him til I heard the front door open. The panic alarms started sounding in my head and within a second I managed to convince myself Mom was coming upstairs to kick my ass for breaking the only house rule.

I heard Maxxie giggle quietly from beside me. "Time to get dressed?"

"Just about" I giggled as well and he kissed my neck, reaching for the pile of clothes on the floor.

I got dressed at lightning speed and Maxxie got dressed nearly as quickly. I glanced in the mirror and tried to un-sexify my hair. Maxxie watched me for a moment before wandering off to the bathroom. I sort of snuck downstairs once I looked like I hadn’t just had sex and felt the heat start to rise in my cheeks. Maxxie came down a little bit later, looking completely normal. He got a drink from the kitchen and I saw the look of suspicion in Cayden’s eye.

Ava just smiled at us. "What did you guys get up to while we were gone?"

"Watched TV, mostly. have fun?" Maxxie said casually.

"Not being able to drink is rubbish"

Maxxie chuckled and ruffled my hair. Ava thinks she has it bad not being able to drink for nine months. What about me? I can’t go into a bar without fake ID for another two years.

Ava looked sort of suspicious for some reason. "Anything good on TV?"

Maxxie shook his head and I could tell Ava was still suspicious of something.

"Cay, can you go get me something to eat?"

Cayden grumbled but went off to the kitchen to go make Ava something. She shot us a suspicious look.

"What's that look for?" Maxxie asked, smiling slightly.

"Nothing" Ava glanced at me.

I was trying my hardest not to blush and Maxxie cuddled me. I cuddled back and he shuffled over to the couch, pulling me down onto his lap. I smiled and leant back on him, humming a little as he rested his head on my shoulder.

"And all you guys did was watch TV..." Ava said doubtfully.

"Well what else was there to do?"

Ava chuckled and Maxxie smiled. She flashed us a sort of knowing look and I blushed. I hummed and tilted my head as Maxxie kissed my neck. He kissed me once more and Ava smiled at us. Maxxie smiled back and Ava stood up, walking over to the couch.

“He was gonna ask you to marry him yesterday” she whispered in my ear.

I felt my eyes widen and she chuckled, partly at that and partly at Maxxie trying to hear what it was she whispered, before fucking off into the kitchen.

"What did she say?"

I didn’t answer him. I pretty much straddled the guy and kissed him harder than ever. He was a little surprised at it but kissed back anyway.

"I love you" I hummed.

"I love you too. Now answer my question" he laughed a little and I giggled. "Tell me"

I giggled again. "Nope"

"Why not?" he pouted and I smooched him.

"Because I said so"

He gave me the puppy eyes.


"She could've said anything! How am I supposed to guess that?"

"Use your imagination"

He groaned. "I don't knowwwwww"

I giggled and he pulled a sad face. I kissed him again, putting my arms round his neck and he kissed back, hugging my waist.

"I love you so much" I said.

"I love you to, gorgeous"

I leant my head on his chest. He started playing with my hair and I sighed contentedly, closing my eyes. I smiled as he drew patterns on my neck.

"I still wanna know what she said" he mumbled and I laughed. "Seriously, Hadley, what did she say?"

I smiled. "She said you were gonna propose yesterday"

He blushed like never before and I tried not to grin my way into an early grave. Something told me Maxxie was trying not to die of embarrassment. So I kissed his forehead.

“Why did she tell you that?" he whined and I chuckled.

"I don't know why but I'm glad she did"


I blushed a little, feeling a dorky smile tug at my lips. "Because I love you with all my heart"

He kissed me. "And I love you with all of mine, but that doesn't mean you were s'posed to know I totally chickened out"

"I don't care that you chickened out" I said, kissing back.

"I care" he said, still embarrassed.

I kissed his nose and he buried his head in my neck. I played with his hair, kissing the top of his head when he whined slightly. He hugged me a little tighter and I couldn’t help but grin. He pecked me on the lips.

"Just don't mention anything to Cay. Apart from the fact that I'm a total chicken and didn't even get as far as buying a ring, I did kinda figure it might not do anything to help him"

I nodded a little. "My lips are sealed"

"Even if Ava's aren't" he chuckled.

I chuckled as well, huggling him and smiling as he huggled back. So what if we’d only been going out for three months, I would’ve fucking married him after one.

The End

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