Hadley: Home AloneMature

Eventually I managed to drag Maxxie out of bed and downstairs, where Mom was fussing over baby stuff with Ava. Ryan was sat grinning like an idiot and Dad clapped him on the back for probably the thousandth time. After a while, Mom announced that everyone that wasn’t underage was going for a celebratory drink. Maxxie looked at me and giggled a little before hugging me.

"I'll keep you company"

I smiled and hugged him back, humming as he kissed my neck. As the others left, I was quite content to just snuggle but Maxxie apparently had other ideas. He kissed my neck and jaw some more and I tilted my head, making it easier for him. He nipped at my neck a teeny bit and I looked at him.

"What was that for?"

He flashed me the innocent face and I prodded him a little.

"I was gonna give you a hickey. But then I remembered the disapproval that would rain down upon us"

I shrugged a little. "I think Mom's too happy to care about a hickey right now"

Maxxie hummed and I leant on him, smiling as he cuddled me.

"Wanna go back to bed?" I asked.

He nodded and I kissed him, leading him upstairs as he kissed back. I flopped on the bed once we were upstairs, putting my hands on Maxxie’s hips as he straddled me. He kissed me, barely giving me time to kiss back properly before kissing down to the collar of my shirt. I smiled, giggling a little and giving him my best innocent face as he plucked at my shirt. He slipped a hand under my shirt and I shivered a little at the sudden contact. He smiled and pushed my shirt up, kissing my chest and stomach. I giggled again and he tried to get my shirt off. I let him after a while. He went back to kissing me and I kissed the top of his head, humming. He trailed tiny little kisses down to the waistband of my jeans and I bit my lip. He laughed softly, kissing his way back up. I blushed a teeny bit and he smiled. I smiled back, shifting my hips a little and making him hum. I squeezed his hips gently and he palmed me just as gently. I let out a quiet moan and he palmed me a little harder. I moaned louder and blushed. He smiled and kissed me, palming me some more. I shifted a little impatiently and he grinned, undoing my jeans. I pulled off his shirt and he tugged my jeans down. I kissed him and he kissed back hard. I hummed and squeezed his hips again. He slipped my boxers off and I tugged on his jeans.

"You need to be more naked"

"Do I now?" he said almost smugly as he started jerking me off.

I bit my lip and nodded. He pretended to consider it, taking his jeans off slowly. I whined a little in protest. Dude, they could come back any second.

He chuckled and slipped his boxers off as well. "I can't be bothered to get the lube" he grinned and I blushed a little, giggling.

I went down on him, lubing him up as much as I could when I felt his mouth on my dick. I let out another tiny moan and next thing I knew, Maxxie was stretching me a little. I shifted a little impatiently and he knelt over me. He kissed me quickly before pushing in and fucking me at a steady pace.

The End

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