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That night, I don't sleep quite as much as I'd like to. I just sort of lay there thinking about the day. How when I was buying that phone for Hadley, I sort of walked into a jewellery store and walked straight back out. About the ring I saw online made in a jewellers in London that I thought Hadley might like. How for some reason, I ended up telling Ava that I almost proposed. And also how Momma Smith decided it'd be a real good idea to call Cay a total disappointment in front of everyone. On Christmas day.

This is why everyone should boycott Christmas and actually have fun for once.

Somehow, my being awake most of the night wakes Hadley up a few times, too. He sort of half wakes up, cuddles me some more and falls asleep again.


Of course, spending the night awake means that when it's time to go downstairs and show my face again, I am completely dead to the world. I kind of feel someone kissing my forehead in an effort to wake me up, but it's gonna take way more effort than that.

"Wake up, gorgeous," I hear Hadley saying faintly. He prods me gently, but I barely even grunt. He prods me some more and I let out a tiny little groan. He pecks me on the lips. "Wake up." I make a noise that's somewhere between a mumble and a whine, and I'm not entirely sure what I say, but it's probably a ‘no'. "Pretty please." I kind of whine again. "You can sleep all you want after breakfast."

"Wanna sleep now," I mumble, trying to pull the pillow over my head. I say try, because - apart from my fumbling - Hadley doesn't actually let me. I roll over, facing away from him. "Meanie."

"Deal with it." I open my eyes begrudgingly and lie on my back. I don't want to be woken up, even if the person doing the waking happens to be my gorgeous boyfriend. I open my mouth, beginning to yawn. And then I get yawn raped. I scowl and roll back over.

"Definitely not getting up now." With a pout, he crawls on top of me and I close my eyes, doing my damndest to ignore him.


"No. You raped my yawn." He starts tracing circles on my neck and I can't help but shiver - involuntarily I might add. I hear him giggle a little and I whine. "I don't want to move."

"You suck," he says, keeping up with the circles on the back of my neck.

"I know." He crawls off me and I open one eye to see what he's doing.

"Well, you can stay up here and sleep. I'm going for some breakfast."

"Don't forget to take your pill," I mumble into the pillow. He groans and shuffles off to go get his breakfast. I, on the other hand, fall straight back to sleep.


After what feels like about five minutes, I feel a finger prodding me again. I moan, not wanting to be woken up yet.

"Dude, wake up."

"Is the house on fire?"

"Yes." I open my eyes and look up at Hadley, not impressed. He gives me this innocent face and I sigh.

"Fine, you win. I'm awake." Honestly. Boyfriends are so demanding. He smiles and kisses my forehead. "Why do I need to be awake?"

"Because I prefer you awake." I should hope so too. But maybe you could like, give me a few more hours? That'd be great.

"Did you take your pill?" he sighs a little. Well you prefer me awake, but awake me asks annoying questions like this one.

"Yes, I took it." I lean up to kiss him, resisting the urge to ruffle his hair and call him a good boy as he kisses back. What? I'm tired and grumpy. And I have absolutely no desire to move. I smile a little as he climbs back on top of me and plants a kiss on my lips. I kiss back. "Get out of bed, lazy."

"I don't want to," I pout.

"I don't like you anymore," he says, pouting right back at me. I make my lower lip tremble and let out a whine as he tells me: "Still don't like you." He tries to climb off me but I wrap my arms around his waist, using him to pull myself up so I'm sitting. He giggles a little and I lean on him, resting my head on his shoulder. He hugs me.

"You don't seem to be out of bed yet."

"That would be because the bed is warm and comfy, and I have very little desire to leave it."

"Am I not warm and comfy?"

"Depends what position we happen to be in," I giggle. He giggles too, kissing me again. I kiss back, snuggling up to him a bit. "Do I really have to get up?"

"Yep," he wraps his legs around my waist. "And I swear I'll pull you out of bed if I have to."

"Aw, but this is comfy." He whines a little. "What?"

"This would be equally as comfy on the couch."

"Yes, but then I have to move. And that really is the fundamental issue here," I smile, trying not to laugh.

"But then how would you congratulate Ryan on impregnating my sister?"

"I already congratulated her," I mutter, "when she dragged me upstairs yesterday."

"What did she want anyway?"

"To do her duty as a sister, mostly." There is no way in hell I'm going to tell him that I almost proposed and then decided not to because I'm a coward.

"She has duties?"

"Yes. To be nosy about whether we use condoms and to interrogate me on just how committed I am to you." He blushes a little and I smile, pecking him on the lips. "Committed enough, I suppose, to be awake," I chuckle. 


The End

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