Hadley: DisappointmentMature

Lunch went without a hitch and it was nice to see everyone getting along for once. Well, it was until after lunch. Everyone was just sat around feeling fat, myself included even though I’d eaten the least out of everyone, and watching TV when Cayden wondered something to himself out loud.

"Wonder what John's up to"

"I can tell you what he isn't up to" Mom muttered and Maxxie frowned.

Cayden sighed. "And what would that be, Mom?"

"Spending Christmas with his wife and child, no thanks to you"

"Hey, c'mon, it's Christmas. No fighting" Maxxie said but I really didn’t think it was going to have an effect.

Cayden rolled his eyes.

"What are you even doing here, Cayden?" Mom asked.

Maxxie didn’t look too pleased at being ignored.

"Mum, just chill" Ava said from Ryan’s side.

"What are you even doing at all? So far all I've seen you do is sleep around"

Everyone kept quiet.

"Just drop it, Mom" Cayden said, trying to stay calm.

"No, Cayden, I won't drop it. Your brother's going to medical school, your sister's got a well-paying job and then there's you. What are you good for? Being a whore, from what I can tell"

Maxxie frowned. "Hey, cut it out. It's not like he's had the easiest time lately"

"Leave it, Max" Cayden said, sighing a little.

"Did one of his little one night stands come back to bite him in the ass or something?" Mom asked harshly.

"No" Maxxie frowned more.

"Just leave it, Maxxie"

"You're a waste of space, Cayden" Mom muttered.

Maxxie shook his head slightly. "I don't believe this"

"Don't believe what?" Mom half snapped at Maxxie.

"This! It's Christmas day and all you want to do is tell Cayden how you think he's a waste of space" he said, mumbling under his breath, "this is exactly why I hate Christmas"

"Sorry you had to be here for this" I whispered to Maxxie as Mom told Cayden he was a disappointment.

Maxxie sighed, looking a little worried when Cayden didn’t react to any of what Mom was saying.

"What about Beau, huh? Think what you being a whore with her father's done to her" Mom said and Maxxie bit his lip.

Cayden nodded. "Guess I'm just one big fuck up, then. I'll leave you guys to it" And with that, he got up and left.

And, naturally, Ava and Maxxie followed him. Dad looked at Mom and shook his head. Even Ryan looked appalled at her and he’d never even met Cayden before. I tried my best to stay neutral since I didn’t want to pick sides between my mom and my brother. For the record, I would’ve sided with Cayden.

“You couldn’t leave it for today, could you Caitlin?” Dad asked with a sigh.

Mom glared at Dad and Dad glared right back at her. I glanced over at Ryan who looked as nervous as I felt. Hurry up and get back, Maxxie.

The End

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