Hadley: PresentsMature

Trying to use the bathroom and get dressed that morning was a nightmare. Houses with one bathroom weren’t designed to have seven people in. But eventually we all made our way back downstairs to go and open our presents. Dad took his usual position by the tree to hand things out and I flopped on the couch with Maxxie.

Mom was pleased with her wine and Dad was pretty much fangirling over his whiskey. Maxxie got a bottle of wine from Mom and Dad and another bottle from Ava and Ryan. He thanked them with a smile, which Ava mirrored as she opened her fancy bath stuff. Cayden just gave everyone money since he “hadn’t had a chance to buy anything”. I don’t think Mom bought it but then again, she hadn’t been there for all the drama. Cayden opened his present from Maxxie, which happened to be a model of a Dodge Viper.

Cayden smiled. "You asshole. C'mere"

Maxxie chuckled and went over to Cayden, getting locked in a sort of headlock hug.

"Learn how to drive and I might replace the model with a real one"

Cayden laughed, giving him a proper hug. Maxxie hugged back and flopped next to me again. Dad handed out the last of the presents and Mom looked from Maxxie to me.

"Didn't you get Maxxie anything, Hadley?" she asked.

"Yeah but I gave it to him earlier on"


I woke up a little earlier than I needed to and pulled a red ribbon out of my suitcase. I tied it into a bow around my neck and tried to wake him up. He groaned and tried to roll over.

"Wake up, sleepy"


"Pretty please"

"S'Christmas. Wake me up when s'over"

I prodded him a little and he groaned again.



I prodded him again.

"What?" he asked, not opening his eyes.

I tutted and prodded him again. He opened his eyes.

"I was enjoying being asleep. What's so important about Christmas day that needs me awake for it?"

I bit my lip a little, almost losing my nerve. "Merry Christmas"

He saw the bow round my neck and smiled before kissing me. "Merry Christmas"

I kissed back and blushed a little. "I know it's kinda sucky but I didn't know what to get you so I sorta got you myself"

He grinned. "It's not sucky at all. Couldn't have gotten me a better present" he huggled me and I huggled back. "I love you" he kissed my nose.

I closed my eyes as I said "I love you too"

"Well now my present's gonna suck. I should've thought of that" he giggled and I smiled.

"It can't suck if it comes from you"

He giggled again and huggled me a bit more as I kissed his neck.

"I want you" he kissed the top of my head and hummed as he said "forever"

I blushed a little.

"So long as you want to stay that is"

I smiled. "Of course I do"

He smiled too. "Good"


"Oh? What did you get him?" Mom asked, snapping me away from the memory.

Maxxie smiled and pecked me on the cheek.

"Oh, it was just something for in the car"

Mom didn’t exactly look like she believed me and Maxxie chuckled.

"It was incredibly sweet" he said, kissing me.

I kissed back. "Glad you liked it"

Humming, he reached under the tree to get a present Dad seemingly missed. He gave it to mead huggled me. I opened it and saw a cell phone box. I smiled and kissed him.

"Thanks, gorgeous"

"Told you it was crap next to your present" he smiled and I laughed.

"It's not crap"

He didn’t believe me and just huggled me some more, making me hum.

"Right, I'm gonna make a start on lunch. Some help would be appreciated, Ava" Mom said and Ava nodded.

"Got it, Mum"

Maxxie was busy peeling a stick on bow off some wrapping paper. He stuck it to his shirt and went back to huggling me. "Now we're even"

I giggled and kissed his cheek, making him grin as I huggled him a bit more

"I love you. Remind me, when's your birthday?" he asked.

"Not til June. Why?"

He smiled. "No reason" he kissed my neck and I was instantly suspicious.

He grinned.

"That doesn't make me any less suspicious"

He giggled and I whined. He ignored my whining and looked up at Cayden.

"Good to see you again, Cay" he said with a smile.

Cayden smiled back. "And you, man"

"So what d'you do to make her hate you as much as she hates me?"

Cayden shrugged. "Split up a marriage, I guess"

Maxxie sighed and sort of offered an arm for a hug.

"It's cool, man. She can't hate me forever" Cayden smiled.

Maxxie hummed and put his arm back around me. "She's scary when she's mad at you though" he chuckled.

Ava sort of appeared from nowhere. "I hate to split you guys up but can I borrow Maxxie for five minutes?"

Maxxie whined and got up, being dragged upstairs by Ava.

The End

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