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See, I told Maxxie that Mom didn’t hate him. I have to admit, it was a little bit worrying that she didn’t seem all that worried about Cayden possibly not showing up for his first family Christmas in years but you have to pick your battles, right? The sleeping arrangements for that night were a little hectic since there were five of us in a three bedroom house but it worked out in the end. It was a weird experience trying to fit onto my tiny single bed with Maxxie but luckily neither of us fell out of bed in the night.


Breakfast was interesting as well. Mom looked like she didn’t know whether to smile or glare at Maxxie so she avoided the problem completely by pestering Ryan about marrying Ava and giving her grandchildren. It’s a miracle the guy’s stuck around as long as he has. Ava ate enough for like three people and Dad and I gave each other a look that said “no wonder she’s getting fatter”. I ate more at breakfast than I would’ve liked but since I didn’t each much of dinner I figured I might as well overeat at breakfast. I waited til Mom wasn’t in the room to take my iron pill, though.


By late afternoon I started wondering if Cayden was actually coming. I mean, it was Christmas Eve already. Maybe I was just panicking over nothing and he was coming over in the morning... Yeah right. To try and calm myself down and stop panicking, I went and curled up with Maxxie in one of the armchairs. I would’ve been happier on the couch but Ava and Ryan had sort of taken it hostage. Ava was lying on it with her legs draped over Ryan’s. Maxxie kissed my neck softly and I hummed a little. He huggled me and I nuzzled his neck, almost wishing my nose was cold. He kissed the top of my head and I hummed again.

Ava sort of prodded Ryan. "Remember when we used to be like that?"

"Yeah. You were a little thinner then" Ryan half smirked and Ava scowled at him.

Maxxie smiled and Ava grumbled "I'm not fat"

Maxxie didn’t say anything and neither did me or Ryan. Ava crossed her arms at our silence.

“I'm not fat"

 "No one said you were" Maxxie smiled and she smiled back.

"Imply that I'm fat again and I'll kill you" she said, prodding Ryan again.

Ryan laughed. "Never again, gorgeous"

I chuckled and hugged Maxxie a little bit more. He hummed and I smiled. We stayed like that for a while, even when Ava started complaining to Ryan that she wanted a foot rub. He was about to give in when Cayden burst through the front door. Maxxie looked up at him, a little surprised.

"Little bro! Come down here and give me a hug" Ava said, holding up her arms for a hug.

Cayden walked over and reached down to hug her and said hi to Ryan in the process, who was trapped under Ava’s legs. She had a foot pressed dangerously close to his crotch and I didn’t have to think too hard to guess what she’d been planning on doing to get that foot rub.

 "Hi, Cay" Maxxie said. Oh God, here comes the awkwardness...

"Hey, Maxxie" he smiled. Oh, okay then.

"How're you doing?"

"Better" he turned to Ava. "Move up, fatty"

"I'm not fat!" Ava protested and I saw Maxxie trying not to smile. Unfortunately Ava saw it too and half glared at him. "I'm not afraid to slap you, English boy. I'm not afraid to slap any of you"

Maxxie held up his hands defensively. "I never called you fat. In fact, I would never call you fat. I know what it's like. He" he prodded me, "keeps telling me I have boobs"

I giggled and he flashed me a pretend scowl.  I pouted a little.

"What're you pouting at, mister? You're the one who calls me fat"

I giggled again. "I never said you were fat"

"You said I had boobs. Which is practically the same thing"

I prodded his chest and he looked down at my finger. So I prodded him again.


"Nothing. Just checking for boobs"


I smirked. "Too hard to tell right now"

He chuckled and I smiled, earning myself a peck on the lips. I kissed back, hearing Ryan laugh.

"Get a room"

Maxxie grinned. "We would, if it wasn't against the rules" he giggled.

"Mom's still got that going, huh?" Ava said.

"Looks like you're missing out on a Christmas present this year" Cayden said to Ryan, earning a scowl from Ava. Maxxie smiled slightly and I kissed his ear.

"You're missing out too, buddy" I whispered.

"I know" he said, pulling out the sad face.

I laughed and it was his turn to whisper.

"That's okay though. We can catch up on what we miss when we get back home"

I blushed and let out an embarrassed giggle. He hummed and smiled as I ran a hand through his hair. He rested his head on my shoulder and I kissed the top of it.

Ava cleared her throat a little. "If you two are quite done"

"Sorry" he mumbled into my shoulder, not moving. So I started playing with his hair.

"Aves, once they start up with the cute thing they don't stop" Cayden said and Maxxie looked over.

"I can stop. Look, I'm not doing anything" he said, still hugging me with his head on my shoulder.

Cayden just rolled his eyes.

"You guys can be cute all you like but pay attention" Ava said and Maxxie started paying attention.

Ryan spoke up. “I asked what you were gonna do with the money from the house”

Maxxie shrugged. "Hadn't really thought about it"

"You could buy a pretty nice car without even making a dent in that three million"

"I still miss my Fiesta" he smiled.

"Yeah but the car you've got now is so much nicer" Cayden said.

"I'm giving it to Caleb"

"You know he doesn't have a licence, right?" I added. Sure he can drive but that’s only because one of his mom’s exes taught him when he was like fourteen.

"Alex will make him get one"

"Ahem, I distinctly remember you telling me I could keep the car when we broke up" Cayden said. I remember that. It was the day me and Maxxie kissed for the first time.

"You said Caleb could have it"

"So I did" he chuckled a little.

Maxxie smiled slightly. "Besides, you need driving lessons before you get a car. At least Caleb can drive"

"Who said I was gonna keep it?"


He smiled.

"Anyway, the point is, the Saturn's going to Caleb and I'm getting another    normal     car"

"Shame. I'd kill for a nice car" Ryan said, almost thoughtfully.

"Sell a house in London and maybe you could afford one too" Maxxie winked and Ryan laughed.

"Just have to buy one first"

Maxxie chuckled and I started playing with his hair again. Talking about cars and money is boring.

"I'm bored" I whispered.

"It's Christmas. You're s'posed to be bored" he whispered back and I pouted. He giggled and whispered "Wanna see if we can sneak off somewhere?"

I blushed and whispered back "Sure"

He kissed his cheek and got up, muttering something about leaving something in the car. Dude, you expect me to come up with a convincing cover story?

"Do you guys mind if I go see Caleb?"

Cayden smirked, knowing exactly what was going on. "Have fun"

Maxxie was waiting outside the room and I smiled as I walked out, taking his hand in mine. He squeezed my hand and we walked outside.

"Where to, Bunny boy?"

I hummed. "Motel?" I giggled a little as I said "Tree house?"

"Tree house is cold. I vote motel"

I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Motel it is"

He opened the car door for me and I slid into the seat, doing my best to ignore Ava, Cayden and Ryan spying out the living room window. Maxxie got in and drove out to the motel we’d spent all that time in. How long til Mom starts wondering where we are?

The End

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