Maxxie: preggers?Mature

At first, she doesn't really say anything to me. Even when I offer to do the washing up, all she does is give me a tea towel and starts washing up. Brilliant. I have no idea where anything goes. We stay in silence for a while, her washing up, me drying and stacking stuff up on the side to be put away later.

"Plates go in that cupboard," she says finally, pointing at where they should go. Nodding, I put them away, noticing a tiny glare from her out the corner of my eye. "I hope you're not planning on breaking Hadley's heart as well." I'm kinda taken aback by this. Yes, I blame myself all the time for what happened to Cayden, but it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't cheated on me in the first place. I figure it's best not to point that out to her, though, and just shake my head. "Good."

I say nothing, going back to drying and stacking stuff on the side. I notice her hesitate a little out of the corner of my eye and glace at her, wondering why.

"Is Hadley... Is he happy with you?" she asks. After I get over the shock of her saying more than two words to me in a civil tone, I nod.

"Yeah," I smile.

"Good," she smiles a little.

"Where do these go?" I query, gesturing at the rest of the dishes.

"Don't worry about it, I'll put them away later."

"Sure?" she nods, so I put the tea towel away, wondering what I'm s'posed to do now.

"The no sex rule still applies," she tells me with this teeny, tiny laugh.

"Don't worry," I smile, "I hadn't forgotten about that one." She smiles back and I can't help inwardly celebrating that she's not glaring at me. At that point, when we're both all smiles and apparently getting over the whole icy silence between us, Hadley comes in for a drink. He sort of arches an eyebrow at us and I look between him and Momma.


"Nothing," he says with a shrug, getting one of Eric's beers, earning himself a frown from Momma.

"Mom, it's Christmas," he whines.

"Not yet it isn't. Put it back." Grumbling, he puts it back and it's hard not to laugh.

"Poor bubba," I let a small chuckle escape, which ends up a laugh as he fakes a glare at me.

"You can have as many as you want on Christmas day," Momma tells him and I smile.

"Just don't get drunk. I like you best when you're sober." Hadley pouts at me a little and I shuffle over, planting a small kiss on his lips. Well I'm hardly gonna kiss him properly in front of his mum, am I?

"I'll be in there," Momma mumbles as he kisses back. I watch as she leaves and goes into the living room. The moment she's out of sight, my lips are back on Hadley's and his arms are around my waist. I hum as he kisses back.

"Think you can manage a couple more days of this?" he giggles a little.

"Now that your mum seems to hate me a little less... yeah," I laugh slightly. He gives a contented sigh and hugs me.

"That's good," he says as I hug back. I hum in agreement, leaning back on the counter slightly.

"Oh, don't say anything to Ava about weight or anything. She just had a go at Dad because he said she looked a bit fat."

"I thought she was just preggers," I mutter.


"Yeah... it's not like she's chubsy or anything. Just her tummy's a bit... bigger than it looks like it should be," I shrug, "but maybe I'm wrong."

"She probably would've said something by now," he shrugs too and I smile.

"Maybe she's waiting til Christmas to tell everyone." Or maybe she's just put on weight weirdly and I now sound like a dickwad for comparing his sister to a pregnant woman.

"Maybe." He pecks me on the lips and I kiss back. He hums, and I sigh, kissing his neck.

"C'mon. We should probably be sociable." I mumble, despite making no effort to move to the living room. 


The End

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