Rosalita:Calling MaxxieMature

God, what have I been doing for the last few days?

I've been stuck in a world of my past, and paid hardly any attention to my girlfriend. I haven't visited Annie either. So I better had.

I turned up at the hospital with two hours of visiting time left. I knew for a fact that Annie would be alone because Jake was on a trip to visit his parents. I slipped in to the quiet room and looked at Annie's balnk eyes. Strangley, my heart stirred again, and I felt an urge to hug her. I tiptoed closer to the bed.


Her eyes stared blankly away.

"Annie? Are you in there?" I took her hand and her eyes swung vaguely towards my face. "Annie, sweetie, please snap out of it. I can't see you doing this to yourself. You have to get better."

Her eyes swung away again. Something inside me snapped.

"Annie!" I slapped her face. She stared at me, then slowly raised her ahdn to her face, blinking. "This is not a rational way to deal with things Annie, just pull yourself together!"

"" Her voice was hoarse from lack of speak, and she winced at each word.

"Yes Annie, but we can be best friends again, just like before. Isn't that better?"

"No." She looked away again, her hand dropping from her face.

"Oh my god, you really have given up haven't you? I thought you were stronger than this Annie. Obviously I don't know you as well as I thought. Because the Annie I know wouldn't just shut off and let her baby be given to someone else, or let her boyfriend mope for her, or let her friends worry about her sanity and life. She would sort herself out." I storm out of the room and pull my phone out of my pocket. Speed dial number three. Maxxie.

"Maxxie? Look, is it a bad time? I really need to talk."

The End

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