Maxxie: hetero talk.Mature

When we get back, I help Ryan with their stuff again while Ava and Hadley go off to the kitchen to help Momma Smith out/have a catch up chatter. Which leaves me with Pops and Ryan. Yay?

"Thanks... Maxxie, was it?" Ryan says. I nod.


"Sorry if I forget, I'm terrible with names. Took me nearly two months to remember Ava's," he says with a chuckle and I smile.

"S'okay." He goes off to sit with Pops in the front room and all I can really do, is either hide in Hadley's room, or sit with them. So I sit with them. It's not like I'm gonna get a death glare in here. I sit in one of the armchairs, accepting a beer that I'm offered. I mumble a thanks and drink some of it, listening as the other two start talking.

"Popped her the question again yet, Ry?" Pops asks, making Ryan chuckle.

"She's never gonna say yes. I stopped trying a couple months back." Pops drinks some of his beer and goes onto another topic. "Either of you been keeping up with the sports?" I shake my head, fully expecting some kinda reproachful comment about how I should always keep up with the sport.

"Ah, you know me, Eric, I'm a beach sports kinda guy," Ryan says, earning a laugh from Pops. Or Eric, now that I finally know his name.

"Can't say I blame you." I arch my eyebrow a teeny bit, not exactly liking the way this conversation seems to be headed.

"Ava got back into volleyball by the way."

"Oh yeah? Any nice girls on the team?" Eric asks, a little too interested, if you ask me. What? If Ava's on the team then he's definitely old enough to be the dad of any of the girls on the team. Ew.

"Hell yeah. I mean, obviously Ava but there's a couple with pretty impressive assets." Smooth, Ryan.

"You know who has got a nice rack?" Do you guys really have to talk about this when I'm in the room a little?

"Who?" Ryan asks curiously.

"Megan Fox. I mean, if I was a few years younger or she was a few years older, I would," Eric replies to Ryan's laughter. Before I even realise it, I feel my nose wrinkle a little.

"Sorry, bro," Ryan says.

"S'fine," I mutter lie.

"You're worrying over nothing, Ry. Anyway, fill me in on this volleyball team," Eric pings straight back to the boobs topic and Ryan obliges. In far too much detail. I just sit through it, being uncomfortable and trying not to listen. Because I can hardly get up and leave, can I?

"So, when's dinner?" Ryan finally queries and I breath an inward sigh of relief.

Eric shrugs. "Whenever Caitlin calms down enough." I flash him a curious look. Calmed down from having Ava around, or when she stops being pissed off at me so much?

Ryan smiles a little and tells me: "Curiosity killed the cat." Right... I'm totally missing something, but I couldn't care less right now. I'm still trying to decide what's worse - being locked in a room with talk of girls' assets or being glared at by Momma Smith. Tough call. In the end, my decision is that I should just drink my beer. So I do.

Ryan sort of shrugs and turns back to his own beer. Quiet descends on the three of us and I find myself actually half tempted to go find the others in the kitchen, just for some sort of conversation that won't revert to boobs when all else fails. 


The End

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