Hadley: Ava And RyanMature

Considering Maxxie had wanted to spend all day hiding in my old room, I pretty much had to drag him out of the house to go get Ava and Ryan. I took my car instead of the Saturn just to get out and drive it again, really. I broke the speed limit a couple times getting to the airport. Well, what can I say? I haven’t seen my big sister in like four years.


I stood waiting for the two of them with Maxxie, my arm around his waist. He had an arm around my shoulders and generally looked happier than he did inside the house. Their plane is so getting delayed, I can see it now. I haven’t seen Ava in years so naturally the plane gets delayed for like five hours.

"I bet you ten bucks the plane gets delayed"

Maxxie laughed and I leant on him a bit. He kissed my cheek and I hummed. I actually felt pretty great just standing there like that til he grinned a few minutes later.

"Ten bucks is mine, I believe"

I pouted and he giggled. Just as I was about to try and weasel my way out of giving him ten bucks, Ava and Ryan appeared. Ava was the odd Smith, as ever, with her blonde curls. Though I have to say, she was looking a little... tubsy in the stomach. Which was odd considering she’d always been stick thin. She put her suitcase down and I hugged her, seeing Maxxie smile in our direction.

"You look..." I started, trying to think of the right thing to say.

"Choose your words carefully, kiddo" she warned and I smiled.

"You look great"

She hugged me again and noticed Maxxie.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi" she smiled at him and turned to me. "Gonna introduce us or what?"

I rolled my eyes. "Maxxie, this is Ava. Ava, this is Maxxie"

"And I'm Ryan" Ryan sort of added from the background.

"Nice to finally meet you both" Maxxie smiled.

"Let me see. Blonde, English... You must be Cayden's bloke, right?" Oh how wrong you are, Ava.

Maxxie blushed a teeny bit. "Uh, no. Hadley's"

Ava looked a little shocked. "When did that happen?"

"About three months ago..."

She smiled and he smiled back, the tiniest bit nervous. Ava picked up on it like a shark picks up on blood.

"Don't be so nervous, I'm not insane like the rest of them"

"Must be something America did to them, then"

"Must be" she laughed and I pouted a little.

Maxxie pecked me on the cheek. "Apart from you, obviously"

"Obviously" I said, relaxing the pout.

Ryan hugged Ava’s waist from behind and kissed her neck. "We can all reunite back at your folks place. With some of your mum's cooking"

Maxxie whined at the mention of Mom. "D'you think your mum will have lost her scary by the time we get back?"

"Mum scary? Never" Ava said.

"I'm not sure whether she hates me more for breaking up with Cayden or for going out with Hadley"

"Ah well what do you expect? You took her baby away" she said, pinching my cheek.

Maxxie chuckled. "Then blame 'baby' here"

 "What did I do?" I asked, pulling a sort of horrified face.

He prodded me gently in the stomach. "   You     came onto    me    "

I crossed my arms. "Did not"

"You so did"

"You got me drunk!"

"Wait. What?" Ava said and Maxxie scowled.

"Don't scowl, you did" I said but no, he still had to protest.

"That was your fault"

"Actually, it was Caleb's fault"

"Well there you go then, it was Caleb's fault"

"You lost me at "you got me drunk"" Ava said, looking a little confused.

 "The point was, he hit on me"

Ryan smirked a little. "You could've turned him down, y'know?"

Maxxie sighed. "It's a long story, but either way I'm glad I didn't"

“Well, I'd love to hear more about it but right now I need somewhere comfy to sit" Ava said and Ryan almost looked worried.

"Right, yeah," Maxxie smiled, “to the car!*

I giggled and took Ava’s hand. Ryan kissed her cheek and picked up both of their suitcases.

"Want me to carry one?" Maxxie asked him.

"Thanks, mate" he said, handing Maxxie Ava’s suitcase.

The four of us clambered into the car and I started on the drive back. Ava and Ryan were busy being cute in the back of the car so I smiled at Maxxie. He let out a quiet, teeny little whine which was no doubt something to do with Mom.

"Cheer up, gorgeous" I said, smiling again.

"Tell me how to stop the glaring and I will"

"Just be yourself. She'll get over it"

"Sure she will" Yeah, how come you sound totally unconvinced then?

"She will, trust me"

He nodded and I smiled again, risking pretty much everyone’s lives to lean over and kiss Maxxie on the cheek. He grabbed the steering wheel and I giggled, going back to driving responsibly. Maxxie laughed and I blushed for no apparent reason. He smiled and pecked me on the cheek. Even if things between Mom and Maxxie were awkward, something told me this was going to be a good Christmas.

The End

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