Maxxie: she doesn't hate youMature

After a while, we move to the sofa bed to watch TV. I shift John over a little and sit next to him and Hadley sits on the other side of me. I huggle Hadley and smile as he plays with my hair, even managing to ignore the Christmas adverts. I glance over as John kind of twitches and wakes up a little bit.

I sort of smile at him and a look of confusion flickers over his face.

"How you doing?" I ask. He looks around, still confused.

"What am I doing here?"

"You came over a few hours ago," I tell him, wondering how to explain what happened to him, seeing as he apparently can't remember it.


"You were... in a state, to see the least." He groans.

"Sorry. I knew I shouldn't have had anything to drink."

"S'okay. Don't worry about it."

"What did I say?"

"Umm..." I shake my head, "it doesn't matter." He lets out another groan.

"I guess I should go now."

"You can stay and sleep a bit longer, if you want," I shrug.

"No, I should really go."

"Don't drink so much next time," I smile weakly.

"Uh... right," he says, looking like he's trying not to be embarrassed. I disentangle myself from Hadley for a moment to give him a quick hug.

"Take care, eh?"

"Yeah. Uh... bye, Hadley."

"See you around." At that he rushes off, out of the apartment as fast as he could manage. I sigh slightly as the door slams shut and put my arms back around Hadley. He goes back to playing with my hair and I rest my head on his shoulder. In two day's time, we're going over to the Smith's house. I can do all the mental preparing I like, but for some reason I get the feeling it's not gonna be enough.


"Welcome back to the crazy house," Hadley says as I pull up outside the Smith's place. I chuckle slightly, a hint of nervousness in it that I hope Hadley doesn't notice.

He smiles a little and I return it, getting out of the car to get our stuff out the back.

"Need me to carry anything?" he asks, putting his arm around my waist. I hand him the bag with the presents in it and smile, lifting the suitcase with our clothes in. I dunno what he packed in here but it's heavier than I remember it being on the way to the car earlier. I take his hand, following as he squeezes mine and goes inside.

Hadley's dad is sat on the sofa and apparently, his mum is in the kitchen. Something smells good.

"Caitlin, they're here," he calls when we walk in. She comes out and hugs Hadley like there's no tomorrow.

"Hadley, it's so good to see you again."

He chuckles, "Calm down, Mom." I smile and stand out of their way with the suitcase. Eventually she lets go of him and looks me up and down.

"Hi, Maxxie," she says, not sounding exactly impressed.

"Hi," I mutter quietly with a small smile. Amazing how someone shorter than you can intimidate you in the space of half a second. She looks me over again and I can't help feeling kinda uncomfortable with this.

"Ava's getting here in a few hours. Can you pick her up from the airport?" she says, turning back to Hadley, who nods. I'd offer to pick her up, but just the thought of the glower I'd get for that is enough to put me off. "Well, make yourselves at home," she says, kind of glaring at me before going back to the kitchen. I didn't even need to speak to earn myself that look, then. I take the suitcase upstairs to Hadley's room while he goes and puts the presents under the tree.

I stay upstairs, lying on Hadley's bed, hiding from his mum. What? Y'expect me to go back down and get glared at all day? After a while, Hadley comes up and finds me.

"Gonna hide up here all day?" he queries, sitting on the bed with me.

"That had been the plan," I nod, fully intending to stick to said plan. He chuckles.

"What if I won't let you?"

"Hadley, your mum hates me. Why sit around downstairs and make it worse?"

"She doesn't hate you, Maxxie," he says, putting a hand on my knee.

"Coulda fooled me."

"She's pissed off at you, sure, but she doesn't hate you." Brilliant. I pout. I don't care if she doesn't hate me. I don't wanna go back downstairs. He gives me the puppy eyes.

"Come downstairs. Please." When I whine, he gives me more of the puppy eyes, "Pretty please."

"Why?" I groan. He pulls a sad face that I can't decide if it's real or not.

"Because they're my family. I want you guys to get along." I sigh dramatically and sit up, whining.

"I hate you sometimes," I lie, putting my head on his shoulder, "if she glares at me again, I'm gonna hide on the roof and not come down."


The End

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